Dear Sirs,

I have been prepping a BartPE to be used to recovers files from an old Dell machine. I had stared include the driver packs from because the BartPE seemed not to be able to see the 2 Hard drives that I am trying to recover that are on that Dell computer, even though that computer has windows XP installed on it. So I thought that the Dp_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32 Drivers might be able to help me with this issue, But when I boot up  from the PE cds (either Bart or UBCD4) that I installed the MassStorage drivers on, I get the Blue Screen Crash.
*** STOP 0x00000024
*** ntfs.sys

This only happens when I have when I have built these PEs with the "# - MassStorage" Plug-in option Enabled. Disable ti and there is not problem. But I can't read the hard drives on the computer either.
I have tried this with the V9.01 MassStorage package that was preinstalled by UBCD4Win system, witch didn't include DPs_Base.exe. and the lasted package of MassStorage drivers V12.09 witch I prepped with DPs_Base.exe for both Bart and UBCD. Both versions of driver packages and both version of the BartPE have the same Error.   

Interesting enough, there is no error when I test my BartPEs on VmWare.

So my first question is what info can I give you that would let you help me with this problem.

Also if someone know if my approach of installing the mass storage driver for salving this problem of not being able to read hard dives on the computer from a BartPE as being wrong and know the right way of going about it, then I would be happy to be corrected on this subject.

Thank you for your help in advance, and hope you can give some constructive feed back