This is a old thread but I confused by this information as this troll? or golem or what ever this type of internet pedestrian. His/Her post is only on falconfour fourm account and not on the admins here or people who create driverpaks who state things in the same manner falconfour did. why didn't he take what the admins stated and break it down to as part of his quote states I have X years of experience... which a statement that was given by one of the admins further up in this post stated experience years and other such credentials to swell up and i guess "burn" falcon four for being rude in his post. I agree that fourfalcons approach wasn't very good. I not wanting to be rude my self. I just read this post and was sad that you guys decided to be rude back instead of stating something like " You were rude in the above post if it continues i will refrain from helping you, but in order to anwser the above question i need blank information." Anyway I will be talking to falconfour about placing a link to this post doesn't help with info file ( with his boot cd that i am taking apart file by file and figuring out how it works.) and that it actually makes him look like a rude guy. I also think that calling someone noob is fine but refusing to help someone because there a noob would be classified as ignorant because of the failing to understand everybody is a noob at some point. Also the use of banning and other actions came off as a threat to falconfour user and being professionals as it comes across that you guys are agreement that you are is not very professional. Use of the language that compels consequence gives falconfour ability to act as adult and decide to continue with his rudeness which could then lead to being banned. Unless admins forgot to stated in the beginning that if falcon four was to continue to display child like behaviors and statements that you would then start treating him like a child then falconfour continue to be rude would then make this situation make more since.

- Everything in the above message is to be taking as a whole and not to be broke up and scrutinized piece by piece as things will be taking out of context and anything taken out of context cannot have a strong argument or stance against effectively.

I do enjoy the work you guys have done and want know hard feelings.