for a time i ran server 2003 ent vlm on a pII 233 laptop with 192 mb pc66, and a celeron 1200 desktop with 768 mb pc133.  ran surprisingly well on both machines.

i also had problems with sound.  in the desktop i had an audigy [audigy 1 mp3+].

are you using the machine as a server, or did you do the workstation conversion?  i was running the conversion on both machines.  seems like i finally got the sound going on the desktop anyway.

let me know whether you're in server or workstation mode, and if so, did you do the conversion manually or with the conversion proggy?

till then, best of luck m8!



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well thanks for the vote of confidence bashrat.  i've been wanting to get to the point where i can make my own 'release' with post install, etc.  now all i have to do is read, experiment, interact, experiment, fail a few dozen times, experiment some more and listen to the advice i hope to get....

but really, thanks for the wave, you'll be seeing me around!

take care



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i belong to three other boards, ranging in seniority from about a year and a half to about ten i guess.

anyway, after downloading countless o/s releases from other people i decided to jump into the fray myself and my travels brought me here.  i figured that i would most likely learn more being here than looking in from the outside, so here i am.

right off the bat i'd like to thank you guyz [you know who you are, don't you?] for all your hard work and time and brain cells that all of this had to take out of you.

i hope that i have something to share, though at this point i'llmost likely be more of a sponge than a fountain.  hopefully - that will change.

so hello, hope i can fit in and help out in some way and hey, glad to be here!