Modified Image works on another computer/laptop

also an unmodified image worked on the specific laptop

i don`t have the notebook anymore it was for repair i installed seven and worked fine

i checked everything must be something with the latest masstorage driverpack coz an unmodified image of XP worked

and also this under: this is the driver that fails/but the same driver works fine in my amd c60 netbook

ms_1_deviceName="AMD AHCI Compatible RAID SB8xx/SB9xx (WXP)"

Anyway my main Concern now is how i can put another Older masstorage driverpack to my modified windows ISO manual i don`t want to use a unmodified windows xp ISO i made too many changes that will take me forever to make them again,is it possible? from what i know dpbase changes this three files "winnt.sif / txtsetup.sif / dosnet.inf" and put `s an OEM folder to the root of the iso.if i restore the unmodified version of these three files and delete the OEM folder then can i use dpbase to slipstream the massStorage Drive pack normal? or i`missing something here?

Hello,long time no see

i have a problem with my custom xp installation on a acer aspire 5552 series notebook with integrated masstorage pack DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1412115.7z



After the textmode drivers finish loading in the first boot of the windows xp setup disc, i got the following error in a blue screen

STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll

i have checked the hard disk and the memory for problems none detected.

I will Appreciate any help given


Hello,is there a 64bit Masstorage driverpack for x64 XP ?

Hello does anyone knows where i can download driverpacks for windows xp 64bit edition?

what exactly does this tweak? "Harden_XP_TCPIP_Stack_by_GH0st.reg"

and is it good to apply it?

Can you make a DVB-T only Separate driverpack??

Hello why the Gh0st's reg tweaks(Harden_XP_TCPIP_Stack_by_GH0st.reg) have been removed from latest lan and wlan driverpacks?

OverFlow wrote:

Yes you can remove or disable them. Why do you want this?

You can disable them by editing the DriverPacks ini file for the corresponding folder
obviously from DriverPacks BASE this is an option.
this is also a finisher option.

Removing them... well sure you can, your results are not guaranteed to be stable. If you do remove them please also disable/remove them in the pack's ini file. HOW TO edit packs is discussed at length in the FAQ section of the forum. full detail is exposed in the mass storage section; which is, by far, the most difficult to understand and manipulate. All of the packs follow the same conventions but mass storage uses all of the options, some packs use none, graphics is the second hardest.

Techdud, since he is a clever guy, figured out how to move control panel items to 3rd party DriverPack - Impressive big_smile.

i want to reduce the size of the iso thats all
but aren`t this drivers included in the A,B,C,D driverpacks?

Can you reduce the size of the DP_Graphics_ATi-Legacy_wnt5_x86-32 by remove some things like catalyst control center/panel
if it`s possible and leave only the drivers? or if you can tell me how to do it my self,thanks

TechDud wrote:

Oops, i think you might have accidentally reported yourself.  tongue
  We are all human, and make mistakes from time-to-time.

Delete the HWID's listed in the DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1412115.7z section [AM-7] as follows:


Set "ms_count=1" for that section, then delete the following:

ms_2_deviceName="AMD AHCI Compatible RAID SB7xx"

As Outbreaker previously noted, SCSI\ProcessorAMD_____ should be using a null-driver, as noted in the corresponding .Inf file.

edit:  Also modify the MassStorage.ini to reflect when it was edited.  For instance:

; version 1412291

Since you are experiencing STOP &H7B errata about T36, edit the ..\D\M\AM\7\ahcix86.inf file.
  Comment-out the following lines, like so:




Note that those aforementioned sections are almost verbatim that of the official release.
  This is not to "blame" them that worked on this pack previously,
but to celebrate them and the fact that it took well over two years to uncover problems!

Please post your resulting pack, and test it with an unmodified XP-SP3 media (no updates, no apps, etc) integration using DPs_BASE with DP_MassStorage, DP_LAN & DP_Chipset only.  Please retain your DPs_BASE log, and post it in code tags if there are still problems.  Also, keep a copy for yourself of DPs_FnShR.log from the machine being tested (only if it actually achieves the Desktop sucessfully).

Check RAID by setting up a single drive, if only one drive is available, as JBOD if possible.

If it does work correctly, keep the image for later testing.  Then move on to creating your "final" image with updates, etc.  DPs_BASE integration is to be the last step.  Note that DPs_BASE is not meant to attempt to update integration of DP_MassStorage, as we had previously discussed.

I hope it works for you, because then it should work for everyone else too.  smile

Also, through this process you may become aware of what exactly caused you characters to not be Greek.
For "Press any key to start from CD" to appear in another language, i so far fail to understand how DriverPacks(TM) could possibly cause that.

Also, I thank you for your continued contributions.  I look forward to learning more from you!

  "Efharisto"  smile - … -in-greek/

the modified masstorage pack works i tested it in the same machine at last smile

Hello i have a problem with latest masstorage driverpack DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1412291.7z that techbud help me to fix the greek characters and i post the modified file here " … 91-7z.html"

from this post … 460#p58460

This time in a lenovo g560 notebook. the windows setup finds the iastor9 controller, setup finished normal and after the restart it gives me a blue screen with the CHKDSK /F  message


i`ve encountered another problem with an earlier build of an xp cd with driverpacks in the same notebook, the xp install screen with the time remaining is in 16 colors,the setup finish without any problems and all drivers are installed,what is this? and how to fix it?

Problem`s solved
one or more from the driverpacks under causes the problem:

DriverPack_WLAN_USB <---causes blue screen after windows setup finished and system restarts

These are the not tested but replaced just in case driverpacks


Hello welcome,unfortunately you cannot download it,the link is not working anymore.


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can i slipstream this to windows setup?

i bet too issue leads there.the same thing happen to me when i put too many driverpacks!

OverFlow wrote:

I belive that techdud calls them from the main packs, if they exist...


Hello was the iso you use a modified version of xp or a clean version?

SteveSi wrote:

Thanks, JMInsDrv.dll is missing in that too?

i cannot find the file requested inside 

this file belongs to the masstorage utils pack and not to this pack it`s a raid driver/configuration tool for windows and not a   textmode driver thats why you dont find it in here.

SteveSi wrote:

One of my Easy2Boot users has hit a problem. He has a JMicron controller and I think it is using an INF file from the \D\M\J folder.  The INF file has a section

jraid_i.inf  and jraid_f.inf

jraid.sys = 1
JMInsDrv.dll = 1

but JMInsDrv.dll is not present in the driver pack.

Also, please can you give me a link to the latest nightly so I can check that. Post #1 says what the file name is but I can't find a download link?

A link to a page where all the latest nightlies can be found would be useful..

Hello this is the latest build … 1412115.7z

what about the 9.22 version is it working correct?

are the following driverpacks used/working with the driverpacks base program or not?


i`m asking because they don`t have an *ini* file inside, they are extracted in the gui in the windows setup but are they really getting used/installed? or they are just ignored and only be used with sad3?


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cheche wrote:
TechDud wrote:

Will add that driver referenced above, cheche, including the w2k driver.

But the one on the Legacy pack is newer than the one on the Lenovo website.

some company sites they don`t update their drivers they just put a driver and that`s it.

TechDud wrote:

That is a strange effect.

I cannot download.  Filedropper takes me to it's homepage.
  Does it require the use of Adobe Flash instead of HTML5?

try this one … 91-7z.html


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cheche wrote:

I have a Lenovo T60 with a ATI X1300 Graphics card that it does not been recognize.

VEN_1002&DEV_7149 … s/DS013560

Hello did you try the DP_Graphics_ATi-Legacy_wnt5_x86-32_1312081.7z ??

Parakalo smile

Thanks for your effort for help

Unfortunately i don`t have this machine anymore to test it further, i keep it a couple of days with hours of non-stop testing but nothing came out so i fix it normal and give it to the client.people bring me computers to fix and if they have amd chipset the marathon begins tongue i almost have no problem with intel chipsets only amd.
happy to help.

i just did it the file is here: … 214122917z

I partial tested the iso (just the boot sequence) and voila the letters from press any key until the whole process of loading drivers are greek yeah!!!! i cannot test it further to see about the blue screen i have not the amd hardware.


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very good program outperfomed the driverpacks solution fast and reliable!!!