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We have tried a couple of times to make a universal image of 8.1 but each time end up with something that won't work.

Has anyone had any success with this OS?

If so, any chance of a link, or a brief description of your process to make a working, universally deployable image with it?



Seems like the download links for your project are borked.

Forum page is offline

Tried updating through application but links dont function.

Any chance of a fix?


Your website, linked in the original post, is redlining a number of AV systems, including Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Just advising in case you are not aware, that it is being blocked by these apps as malware.

(not the application itself - your home page for the project).

Just letting you know, you might want to attend to this.

BTW, thanks for a great system. I have been using in my repair center for several months and very happy with it in all respects. Stable, reliable, effective. Thankyou.