I will play with photoshop and see what I can come up with...I will pm you with it but will probable be in a few weeks...chirstmas coming and all...family time.

Win 8 and win 8.1 only accept signed drivers now....makes it a pain.  lol

@ mr. smartepants,
When you get some time if you could send me some sort of logo you would like to use for the gui, I will try to put something together and create a rough draft so to speak of a gui for this great utility.

Thats why I said check it out on virustotal and see results and then make a judgement call.  I have been helping update some tools within this project along with others so I do know what is in it and if it is safe or not.  If you look back on past pages you will see what mr. smartepants, myself and others have been doing to solve some issues and updated tools used in it.  I have been so busy lately I havent had time to do much else but I do plan to touch base with mr. smartepants to see what direction he would like to go with this....I want to create a nice gui for it but I dont have the time right now.  Almost anything now days sets off AV's so it is good practice to do research before saying something is a virus.  I know AutoIt now shows as virus in most AV's just as an example.  I agree with a checksum of some kind just to make others like yourself feel more secure in using it but even then some will still complain so in the end, its up to the end user to do the research.  In fact you will get more virus, malware, spyware, adware from just surfing the net...I have never gotten a virus or anything from downloading but I only get from trusted sources.  I think that is the key.

Its a false positive from you AV....some AV's are over protective is all.  You can always test it on other AV's or virustotal website and see results.  If you downloaded the project from here then I can surely say it is safe.  If you got it somewhere else then use at your own risk.  Never just take your AV word for it...always do multiple AV checks to make sure if in doubt.

I know you can use diskpart /s and output that to a txt file easily to determine GPT (UEFI) then search the txt file from the cmd.  Delete txt file when done.

Hey guys, how about a gui created in java using netbeans?  I know others have tried with autoit but to tell the truth I really don't care for it.  I have been playing around with some java and think it might be a lot easier then c++ and better then autoit.  .  Just something for everyone to think about.


Adding other languages would not be hard.  Could use a external file with different languages in it and could give a choice when tool is first started but would need others to help dev. the translations.  This way would keep the script smaller instead of adding to the script which would make it very long, thus slower.  As far as communicating, that would be an issue and google translate is not that good.  lol

I agree with both of you...newer isn't always better.  Found this out first hand many years back.  Like the saying goes...if it aint broke then don't fix it.  wink

Also most new updates are for newer cards and OS's.  If your not using neither of the newer items then it probably does no good to upgrade the driver...in fact sometimes it can cause issues on certain systems.

Thorough testing is a big must and I will say thank you to all involved here for doing that.  Its one thing to just add drivers as they are put out without testing but to ensure it works properly is a A+ from me.

Back on subject of this thread...Just thought I would let everyone here know that the SAD3 works in Audit mode for windows 7 for I just made a custom oem recovery partition on my lappy and used SAD3 without any issues.  All drivers captured correctly and system is running good.

Looks like it is one of the packs from driver pack solutions from the Russian site.  Didn't they get their idea from here?  Seems like I read that somewhere...I might be mistaken and if so then please forgive me.

@ blabley
Already posted 5 posts above yours but thank you anyway.  wink

you are mr....to all of us here as well.

Thanks OverFlow.  I will check it out.  I feel special.  lol  wink

Thanks Overflow.....been busy with college lately so havent had a lot of time but I did see the win 8.1 rtm and msdn released now so preview could be dropped and final build number added (9600).  2195 is build for w2k but I dont have that os so I cant test.

@ OverFlow,

I understand how some take credit or refuse to give credit to original maker/makers of this tool.  I myself just updated some utilities inside and rewrote some of the code trying to improve since mr_smartepants was busy.  Plus to tell the truth I was bored and seen how a tool could be updated and somewhat refined thanks to mr_smartepants for his fine tunning.  Now days I just dont have time either, like mr_smartepants.  Wasn't it nice when we were kids and didn't have to worry and work as hard?  lol  I thank all involved in this creation and improving this tool.  Maybe when I get more time we can work on a gui for it.  wink

Thank you sir...sorry I havent been around much but college is getting a lil difficult so been applying myself to my studies.  I am cramin 4 yrs into 3 yrs so I have alot on my plate so to speak.  Hope you and your family are doing good mr. smartepants.  I will keep in touch as much as possible but college comes first.  wink

:: Added DIR to CDROM detection array to prevent errors with card readers in system.

Sir could you please share that part of your code so I can add to mine?  I alreaddy added the others just not that.  Thank you.

Updated these two lines in the script mr. smartepants to include win 8.1 customer preview that was released today for SAD3.  Also removed leaked build versions of win 8.1.  See below....

FOR %%i IN (6000 6001 6002 7600 7601 7602 9200 9431) DO (IF /I "%F_BuildNumber%"=="%%i" SET "F_OSBuild=NT6")
FOR %%i IN (9200 9431) DO (IF /I "%F_BuildNumber%"=="%%i" SET "F_OSType=WIN8")

SAD2.2 is an old modified version that had some small issues, one of which you encountered.  Plus the restart issue is corrected also.  Everything is mostly fully corrected in the SAD3 version.  The newest version that isnt on the the first page is SAD3 which has alot of modifactions.  Scroll back a few pages and grab it....also grab the beta's of hid and touchpad drivers for it has special instructions that SAD3 uses to determine the correct dirvers.  If SAD3 doesnt install correct touchpad drivers then you will have to manually install them.  SAD3 has came a long way and that is the one I recommend using.  SAD3 has different silent install switches also.

Personally I haven't messed with the SAD2 in so long it is kinda hard to remember the code.  lol

Are you using this in your iso (dvd) of win 7?  Or are you tring to just adding all this onto the harddrive first? 
You should be adding this to the iso then burn it or add to your usb depending on your install method.

Sorry but I have a live chat session for college and I dont have time right now....was just trying to answer your question.  I will be back in a couple hrs and will check in before bed.  I have added above info that will work correctly for you.

first off thanks for all the pics.  wink


This is wrong   / should be \

%Win7-Disc%\sources\$oem$\$1\D\SAD2\ (entire contents of SAD2 folder with all DriverPacks goes here)

in setupcomplete.cmd file...

START /W %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd /s >nul

this will work for you.  this should be solved now.  wink

I understand we have a little language barrier but not a big deal.  If you would like we can use teamviewer and I can see exactly what you are doing or not doing to cause the issue.  Without seeing exactly what is going on it is hard to help.  If you would like to try it, let me know.  Teamviewer is great and I use it alot to help friends online with issues.  I just think you are putting the folder in wrong location and if that is the case then with teamviewer I can show you exactly how to do it.  Its up to you...just trying to help.

@ mr. smartepants, have you finished the new sad3 yet?  I have been so busy with college I havent had the time, sorry.  Thought I would touch base and see how it was going along.  Hope you and your family are doing well.  Take care.

+1  Adding the -aoa switch allow the install of video drivers and the physX (NT5)  without need to allow the overwrite on extraction.  I was not including the physX pack but with adding that switch it runs silently and overwrites without user input.  Nice catch!

Yep agreed that will work with some filtering.....I will leave ya alone for you are on the correct path.  wink

If you are going to use WMIC I will let you know from experience that that too will have some issues for some oems are shared so to speak.....like hp and compaq are the same and would have to filter that in script which is easily done.  I have a script that might help in that area if ya want to look at it.  There are other oems that have simuliar issues but they can be filtered as well.  I have a pretty good listing if needed.

Sorry about being absent lately.....had finals so had to focus my time on that but I have a few days before next class begins (web dev.) so if you need me just send me a message.  I will try to check in as often as possible.  Take care and have a wonderful day.