Sorry all videos linsk were Dead !!!!

Carey934 wrote:

Ok, I've re-shot the whole thing and its only 5 parts now instead of 6!

I just created a click-by-click video tutorial that shows users of ANY experience level (yes, even my mom can do it) how to slipstream SP1, SP2 and SP3 along with updated Mass Storage drivers, LAN drivers, WLAN drivers, CPU drivers and Chipset drivers and then create a new, bootable (and now updated) Windows XP installation CD using DriverPacks and Nlite.

These videos are viewable in YouTube's standard 360p and 480p resolution and they are also all viewable in 720p HD resolution for the best viewing experience.

How To SlipStream SP1, SP2 and SP3 and Drivers into Your XP Installation CD. Part 1 of 5:

How To SlipStream SP1, SP2 and SP3 and Drivers into Your XP Installation CD. Part 2 of 5:

How To SlipStream SP1, SP2 and SP3 and Drivers into Your XP Installation CD. Part 3 of 5:

How To SlipStream SP1, SP2 and SP3 and Drivers into Your XP Installation CD. Part 4 of 5:

How To SlipStream SP1, SP2 and SP3 and Drivers into Your XP Installation CD. Part 5 of 5:

Enjoy! (if you notice any inaccuracies in the video or have suggestions for improvement, please let me know!)

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nice tut buddy

thanks nice info mates
sorry i was litle confused !

first tell me after extractinf DriverBASE where i extract SAD2 , and secondly tell me shortly which option i select to create standalone Cd so users my cd for installing drivers

hey i have a question what method i use Method 1 Method 2

i want my drivers install quicly on slow pc so which method is right 1 or 2

nice info mates thanks


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Yar khan da sa k !!!

its easy to make iso file intgrate drivers in xp through DriverBASE

the most important thing is that either u use nlite or RYm integrator and then use DriverBASE

after integrating drivers through driversbase dont make changes through nlite or RYM that make your driver put in trouble

khan wrote:
Helmi wrote:

Still, seeing as you'll have a hard time finding a prebuilt consumer model with less than 100GB as of now, those 1.7% space for drivers are easy to bear IMO.
Should customers complain, try selling them another drive or tell them not to DL so much pr0n ;P

I have my system Driver CD in my Pocket...
I almost do the irrelevent things,so Adding Drivers is One of them....;)

khan wrote:

What I know is....

KTD ALL is a nice Option But I am sure that it will double the Windows Total Intallation Time...

jtdoom wrote:

Right now, that is true. (the selected files get copied, which takes time)

Helmi wrote:

I hope Bâshrat the Sneaky will soon release a version where adding the KTD option will NOT add extra time.

Yeah, that version is already in the works, or so I think smile
Quite a welcome change, I can tell you!
(so far, applying KTD takes about as much time as installing XP+addons...)

Wonder where the next beta version is, it's been a while I tested one big_smile

Welcome Beta! Please Come towards the Final Stage Now....:D

thanks for help now i just extract it into driverbase and then slipstream my drivers, & also can i add my downloaded drivers those were in .inf and lie openly , i just want my drivers also integrated through DriverBASE


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mr_smartepants wrote:

You can use nlite to modify your source if you wish, but do NOT use nlite to integrate any drivers.  Use only DriverPacks BASE to integrate drivers.  This should be clear in the tutorial.

okay thats right !!! now i have 600,000 drivers in my Dvd i also want to add it so my windows cd work also on their pc !


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jinkazama wrote:

Wim Leers has converted these to .png files and then optimized them so they are smaller and thus load faster. They are available for download from a CDN, so they load even faster. Finally, they've also been added to the main site:

Original links/images are below!

I like userbars and i want my driverpack userbar!
Do you like it? smile

All img links were dead where is the images !!!
and also let me try to make my own user bar for u ppl


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with screenshoots make it more clear !!!


i have downloaded 700,000 drivers + driver from driverBASE also , if i add all drivers in my xp cd can it affect my setup for searching right driver becoz there may be same drivers old or new plz help me


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i am new here can somebody help me !!!

i learned how to use driverBASE now i have xp cd which has also some drivers if i integrate new drivers with driverBASE then what will happen ? my pc will install old drivers or pickup new drivers automaticaly.