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The link in TS is broken (uses the old download location, not the torrent).


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The link in TS is broken (uses the old download location, not the torrent).

The link in the TS is broken, click Touchpad Mouse x64 for the latest!

Hi there,

I'll got a problem with installing de Audio driver for a Dell Latitude E5500. The vendor is IDT Audio, the HWid is entered below.
HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76B2&SUBSYS_10280263&REV_1003\4&101C692F&0&0001: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

I'll got the information with the SaveHwids-tool.

The driver witch i'll use for installation on Windows XP Pro SP3 is located on de Dell website.
Adres: http://support.euro.dell.com/support/to … ile=288207
Date: 18-12-2008
Used for series: 92HDxxx HD Audio

I'll hope you can implement it in the next (beta) driverpack?

Thanks already...

OverFlow wrote:
REM +==========================================================================+
REM |   Finding CD/DVD driveletter function now sets Network source location   |
REM |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
net use z: \\server\autoinst [pass /user:admin /Y]
SET CDDRIVE=Z:\xp\i386\$oem$

If the servername or share name are not 8.3 then it can be in quotes and the [pass /user:admin /Y] is optional
IE    net use z: "\\MyServerHasLongName\AutoInstallationFolder"
or    net use z: "\\MyServerHasLongName\AutoInstallationFolder" Pa55w0rd /user:Administrator /Y

Thanks so much for sharing... if you dare to try my ideas can you give us a further update!!!

your one of the people who contribute, making DriverPacks a great place to be. thanks!

PS you gave no details on winnt32...

I'll be thinkin, when you replace the line "\\server\autoinst" in to the line where you store all the driverpacks (eg \\server\DriverPacks$ share) with all the drivers. Then if you have multiple operatingsystems (XP English, Dutch or Windows Server 2003), you don't have to store a lot of drivers, multiple times. This should be save you or the company a lot of storage, and money.

Even you don't have to take a lot of time to change/add DriverPacks to multiple OSes...

Note: I didn't test this way of distributing drivers, but it should be possible. I'll going be testing this way soon


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Because i'll was earlier back from school, i decided to test the pack. The pack works now!

Thanks for the implementation of the latest drivers!


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I will asap test the pack, i'll download it now. From Saturday till Wednesday i'll be in Germany, i'll test it when i'm back. Because i'll take the Notebook with me.


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I would't like to request an addition to the Modem driverpack.

The driver is downloadable on http://dlsvr01.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/A6R … 060526.zip.

With downgrading from Win Vista HP to Win XP pro, the driverpack didn't install this modem. The notebook where it is installed is: Asus F3SR (X52Series).

Hardware ID is: HDAUDIO\FUNC_02&DEV_3055&SUBSYS_10431316&REV_1007\4&2C2AA05&0&0101

Kind regards,


(Twig123 - Edit: Changed Title to [REL] DP Modem v8.03.27)

I´ll leave an reaction asap when I tryed the pack!

I'd like to request an addition to de LAN driverpack. Because when I was installing a new system, using an ASUS M2N-X motherboard (Witch uses an NVidia nForce 520 chipset). I'll discovered that the driver(s) are not putted into the driverpacks yet.

Maybe you can add more drivers to the other driverpacks by downloading the following file from the NVidia servers (the most resent version):
http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_520 … 12.15.html

Thanks already for doing this.