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Terrific! I've been assigned a deployment project at work. MDT 2010 and driverpacks work like a charm together. I'll report back any troubles if I get some. I might need access to the admin side of the site. My brother (JakeLD) used too and I was using his account to perform drivers updates in the past.

I'll be in touch.

Good job guys!

Hey my bro JakeLD just called me on my cellphone to let me know that the chipset DP has been finally reviewed. You can count on me for testing it, I'm the one who complained about it originally. Thanks.

Hi guys,

I had this issue for a while. Every time I Install a Dell GX280 computer, my graphic card is not installed. ATI removed the HWID needed for it about 6month ago maybe.... anyways here what need to be done.

The inf need to contains these 2 lines in the [ATI.Mfg.NTx86] section.
I tested it with the latest catalyst 7.12for XP under windows 2k (sounds weird, I know but XP drivers are more often usable under 2k since the OS is pretty much the same)

It's working perfectly under 2K and I assume it's working without problems under XP also.

"RADEON X300 Series" = ati2mtag_RV370, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5B60&SUBSYS_04021002
"RADEON X300 Series Secondary" = ati2mtag_RV370, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5B70&SUBSYS_04031002

I'd like to take this occasion to personally thanks mr_smartepants for his awesome works. Your helping me a lot at work. Before I had to remove every duplicated hwid in the intel video drivers like you do in the DP. Thanks you again.


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My brother (JakeLD) and I have been modified sysprep .inf by including the mass storage controller manually. I would say that at least 70% of the market use intel chipset, even more in company. So if you get your sysprep working with intel chipset you're in business. As for the HAL problem, we have been using mysysprep for a while and it's working perfectly. In a near future this HAL problem will disappear with dual-core cpu taking the market over.


I'm affraid that I don't understand what you are trying to say. Could you develop please ?



Your having a mass storage drive issue. Can you provide us the link you used for downloading the working driver ? Also we will need the hwid of your SATA controler. If you don't know how to get the hwid, use the save_hwids.exe in my signature. Thx

Helmi wrote:

The funny thing with Intel is (I've experienced that myself), that they tend to release a LOWER driver version number on a LATER date than the HIGHER version number driver (which is hence OLDER).

Maybe the folks at Intel are actually the blind ones not noticing their own contradiction, who knows...

They are definitely blind at intel they're making this messy and so hard to understand. To make sure I have the latest version I compare the .ini files together with araxis merge. Also Intel is really not a big fan of 1 driver for all, specially concerning their graphic drivers, so you have to edit them and remove the doubled hwids in the older drivers and only keep the hwids in the most recent drivers version. A lot of work.

Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

WTF Jaak :S A *hex editor* (!!!!!!!!!!!) to check for hidden characters yikes

I'm using TextMate (http://macromates.com/), which has syntax checking for lots of languages. It's a Mac OS X only app though. I'm sure there are opensource text editors for Windows that do PHP syntax checking... I'll ask around a bit.

Aside that: well done everybody! smile

I use notepad2 as a replacement of the original notepad.



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I agree with you mr_smartepants. MS reasons is so lame also. Sad day for IT professionals.

Jaak wrote:

the reason all these files got triplicated, and that the old ones got added to new ones, was this.
the current drivers are good for all OSes.

the OLD drivers the newest had dropped were good for all OSes, and all these OLD files came from fresh downloads (the intel archved drivers) so the three OS have all available drivers and yes, one folder would support all three OS. (but, I can't do that. M1 would NOT work.) .
(The SP folder could also go, far as I know, but once again, method 1 stops me from doing this. sad )

Thanks for your attention regarding this problem. Actually Jaak all .inf in folder SP are sixtuplated. I haven't compared inf together but I'm pretty sure Hwid's are duplicated between different inf files. As you know Intel are really not clever when it's come to make unified driver.


New Intel Chipset Drivers were released August 7 2007.

I tried to update them myself for my own drv pack. But actually I'm so confused on how you guys proceed. First of all why is  Intel stuff is in I\ Folder and Infineon stuff in IN\ folder. A suggestion would be to swap the content of these  folders, mainly because in the others drivers packs IN\ belong to Intel stuff. But this is really not a big issue.

I wonder why there's 3 folders. XP, 2K, 2K3. If you download the drivers from the Intel Website and choose from one of these OS. You will get the same Unified Intel drv Pack.

I compared all these folders together. Some inf are not updated in the 2k folder but they are in the 2k3 folder. It's really a mess. I would suggest putting all of these inf into 1 folder and caling it 1.

Also in each os's folder there's an SP folder. This SP folder contain inf files that are duplicated in 2k, 2k3 and XP folder. Another suggestion will be to get ride of all SP folders.

Also if you compare the most recent inf files (8.3.1009 version) to the 2k3 folder, you will that a tons of .inf were added to the 2k3 folder. Question is: Where does these inf come from ?

I didn't even check for duplicated HWID's trough all these .inf because there's to much questions I'm asking myself about this drvpack.

Btw, you guys are really doing an awesome job. My goal is to help you building the ultimate drivers pack.
Thanks for your further help.


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I must apologize, you're right these are referenced into the .ini file. First time I see .msg files in a drivers folder, I was surprised. Thanks for the info.


I was updating my drivers DB yesterday and I noticed that the Sound B drivers pack contain .msg files which belong to outlook. These kind of files are more than often created by virus worm. I don't know who created the file but I will run a scan an AV scan on your PC asap.

Good Luck tongue Worm are really hard to remove.
Thanks to everyone who is involved in the driverpacks team. Been using it for almost a year now.