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I'll be glad to help the DriverPack team to make a tool that will search for duplicates, but I dont know how are You checking for dups. If someone of you should point me to a some tutorial or mail me how its done, ill try to make that tool.

I mostly use C# for coding but its not a problem if ill need to use c++ or any other language EXCEPT Visual Basic which is my programing taboo smile


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Thanks a lot.


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Thanks a lot. Ill hope this will help cos i cant install on that machine WinXP anymore because its not mine sad


Shouldn't this problem be solved from driver pack? I mean that these hwids should be hidden by default?


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ristech i took a look at those links and both says that they commented out their hardware from inf files, and that installation of drivers succedded. Im confused by this, how if you hide your hardware id from inf files setup can recognize that he has the needed drivers? Or they meant by this that setup continued WITHOUT installing drivers for those cards?


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ristech wrote:

EDIT2: Ok I deleted the QSC and re-slipstreamed it into the package and that seemed to work. The machine is up and running with a proper driver installed. Thanks for all your help in this matter. smile

Was driver installed during setup or in Windows ?
I have similiar problem...


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Tnx, Ill try that and look at links, but its too sad that in my experience the most popular onBoard audio chip cant be used with driver packs. To be honest from Sound drivers I only need SoundMax, AC97, CMedia ( CMI ?? ), Realtek HD Audio because they are on 99% of machines i saw. Can you point me to resources how to make a driver pack for those chips ( if its possible ).


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Hi everyone,
as You can see I have BSOD while installing windows XP sp2 with RyanVM update pack and drivers from this site. Its probably the problem with missing driver but maybe its something else, thats why am I posting this topic. Well, I made the disc this way

NLite - remove components, setup unattended
RyanVM - integrate updates
Driver Base - integrate drivers - mode2

drivers i integrated are CPU,CHIPSET,SoundA,GraphicsA, Lan, MassStorage ( somehow I forgot to include SoundB ). The machine I tried to install the Windows has next specs:
MB: Asus K8u-X
CPU: Sempron 2500+
GFX: ATI 9250
SND: AC97 OnBoard

I dont have a driver base log file sry.
Also i searched for portcls and not found it in XP source. ( but i didnt looked in compressed files ).

Installation gives BSOD on 36 ?? minute while "Installing Devices".