Well, I just wanted to confirm that changing the "call" command to "start" did the trick. I also removed all instances of KTD since I don't need it and added a shutdown -f -r command at the end to automatically restart and finish all the driver installations.

So far, I have a full Windows Vista installation with all the latest drivers and updates down to about 1.5 hrs.

To be honest, I've never tried to have SAD2 spawned during setupcomplete.cmd.  I'm not sure it would work because the "admin test" tries to write a nul file to the user-space which hasn't been created yet at that point.

You could try changing
IF EXIST %CDROM%\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd call %CDROM%\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd
IF EXIST %CDROM%\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd start %CDROM%\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd

Thanks, I will try that.

"To make it unattended, delete this line (162):
set /p option=[Y,N]?"

I actually removed that and the KTD options and it seem to work for normal use. The reason why I am trying to make this unattended as possible is because I run a shop and Vista happens to be the one OS that I most commonly install and unfortunately, its the worst and most time consuming one as well. I have managed to Sysprep all the latest updates, which saves several hours by itself, but I want to be able to at least connect to the network so that I can immediately start my Ninite, Anti-virus and optional updates without having to manually install the drivers first. Makes a big difference when you are doing 5-10 installs at once.



I tried your SetupComplete.cmd code you provided in your last SAD2 thread on my Vista Install USB

@echo off
for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\sources\install.wim set CDROM=%%i:
echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM%
::Begin SAD2 install

echo Stand Alone Driver Installer
IF EXIST %CDROM%\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd call %CDROM%\SAD2\DP_Install_Tool.cmd

and I cannot seem to get it to work properly, in fact, all it does is sit there at a blank screen with a cursor in the middle. Its not frozen, the cursor does move, but nothing happens. No command prompt, no windows, nothing. I have my SAD2 folder at the root of my USB drive, just as you would have it set up on your CD or DVD.

I was also wondering if there was a way to easily unattend the installation, so that when it does finally come up, I do not have to type y or n for KTD or anything else. Should I just use your 110505 version to accomplish this?

Alright, I know the most people have moved on from Vista, but unfortunately, I install Vista on a regular in my shop. I have managed to make an unattended install disk with all the lastest updates, but I have not been able to figure out how to get unsigned drivers to install without prompting me every time during Vista installation. I have read in several places that there is in fact a way to for the Vista installation to ignore the Driver Signature Enforcement, but I have not found the solution. The only information that I have found is that the process is complicated . . . . well, obviously that was not helpful. Anyways, does anyone know how to make an unattended Vista installation that will ignore the Driver Signature Enforcement on unsigned drivers?

If not, I suppose that the only other option is to run SAD2 at FirstLogon, but I am not exactly sure how to properly do that. I can sit here for a few more hours and try and figure this out, but I honestly cannot dedicate too much more time to this project before it becomes unpractical.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately I just want most of the drivers to automatically install with little to know input from the user --in the very least, I would like to have the chipset and network drivers to automatically install . . . .