Do not want to look or seem silly or noisy and of course you have the final word but I've really almost used every board software and found two things:-

Wim Leers wrote:

phpBB has an extremely poor security track record. It's also very bloated (i.e. resulting in slow page loads). Whereas PunBB is less featured, but also extremely fast and it hasn't had any significant security breaches.

Why not switch it to Drupal? Because then I'd have to migrate all the data from PunBB over to Drupal. That's *a lot* of work. Especially if you want to make sure no content gets lost at all and if you want to make sure that all links keep working.

1) The core forum module for any given CMS will always be a better then any other solution.
2) Latest phpBB3 really proved that it is amazing, stable and secure ... especially that phpBB team will offer in few days an official bridge for both of Drupal and phpBB, and provided that you are really considered one of well known Drupal guys you can have a killer website.
Just my opinion and sorry if I was sound curious but it is just I do like and respect your work a lot since MSFN early days.
Good luck and my best wishes for your DriverPacks project.

His email is private in his profile.
How to reach him?

OverFlow wrote:

the threads in this forum are sorted by date newest on top. big_smile
The list in this thread has not been updated in a while.

Where can I get all latest 3rd party drivers packs to integrate it into my source as long with the other driver packs?


Just wondering why you are using this forum software and not phpBB3 which is really more featured and secured then PunBB?

Also I've realized that bashrate the snakey is really a drupal geek, so why not to make the whole website with Drupal and use the code forum module or the advanced forum module by micheal.

Just my 2 points.

Does the 3rd drivers packs in the 1st post of the current thread include the latest driver packs or there is another thread to get it from?