I have read it already, it just don't fit on my expected custom SAD.

I have figured it already... and working fine. I have remove the devcon.exe cause I think I don't need it.

I have added an autorun.inf pointed to the batch file. Ready to burn in DVD Disc and ready for distribution for my friends.

How about this?

My questions is:
1. Is it ok to remove all ini files and to what program ini files are needed?
2. Is it ok to remove devcon.exe?

DriverPacks Finisher use to delete the extracted files in %systemroot% for cleanup purposes, I remove the DPsFnshr.exe because I want to burn it to DVD disc and need not delete the files.

Total driverpacks size now 4.22 GB

I am trying to create my custom sad, please... I want to get rid of unzipping or file extraction so I wanted to create a SAD in which all files are already extracted.

I have remove some of the exes and left only the devcon.exe, DPINST.exe, makePNF.exe and and remove all ini files.

And here's my batch file to initiate driver installation.

@echo off

  Echo. & Echo. & Echo Running the MicroSoft Driver Pack Installer now !
  Echo The progress window is minimized to the task bar & Echo. & Echo.
Start "MicroSoft Driver Pack Installer Tool Running" /wait /separate /realtime CMD /C DPInst.exe /c /s

REM Log and Attended output section
 Echo.  & Echo The DriverPacks Stand Alone Drivers installation is complete!
 Echo.  & Echo This window will close itself in 30 seconds... & Echo. 
 For /l %%A in (1,1,30) do (<nul (set/p z=#) & >nul ping -n 2 )

my question, will this work?

ricktendo64 wrote:

Post a link to the driver and your device hardware id lets have a look

BTW what did you use to collect the driver, did you manually do it or did you use a program

I am using Driver Genius, to backup the driver.

Anyway, I have figured it myself. I download the driver installer for my device, get the driver files from the installer, then created a 3rd Party driver, and slipstreamed to my OS, after the OS installation all my unknown device are successfully installed.

Before the slipstreaming, I collected the needed drivers from driverpacks such as for Display, Chipset, Lan and customized it to have my 3rd party driver.

What about driver signing? I tried the method above, then I created a driverpacks. And used it, but I doesn't automatically install the driver, but when I do manually install it asked for a digital signature / compatibility and successfully when I click continue.

Is there any way to create a digital signature for the driver before I slipstreamed it.

Thank you for the response
@Overflow: Sorry I forgot to read the it.

I reinstall without third party packs, and found no errors like the one above.


I test the the S.A.D. Please take a look.


I don't have a bluetooth hardware but after the driverpack's drive finisher installation the Toshiba Bluetooth driver is installed.