Hi Overflow, at least the Question was simple: ist it possible to make the behavior of XP workin on CD also working on USB.
The Answer is: No. That's all! No need to flame, no need to bann, no need to anything.

Maybe the Answer could be also longer: "No, because of this we did SAD as an Replacement."

Not more, and not less. No need to Argue, no need to bell, no need for Hate and tears. Your Script is great replacement for the Working of XP at standard, but it is an Replacement, because XP just don't do the task by itself.

The SAD and the driverpacket will not be less worth with this. Your Script will not be bad on this. Your and the supporter Work will not be less worth. It is still a great job. It just doesn't fit the question.

Thats all.

By the Way: "Can i use the Driverpack on USB like i would use a CD" isn't in the FAQ.

By the Way 2: Cobra did just pack all of your Driver packs together, so the download is simpler. He (They) never selled this as their own work (so far as i know). In fact i found your page because of this packet. He will not steal your Honor or Money or Time, he just reduce your Transfervolume.

By the Way 3: As you see on the Views, there are other People who get this question. Not just me and not just the creator of this entry.

by the way 4: I read again the Forum rules. I used the Search-the-forum function before and i found a Topic which hits my need 100%. I found no answers to my special question in the FAQ. I did no sexual, rasist or something-like-this-posting. So at which level of this i worked against the forum rules as you blame me?

Again: No need to bite or hate or hit the great bang.

Hi Overflow, SAD (excuse for the Sad...) does on an USB-Stick not the same, as Windows (XP) does with an CD/DVD.
I'Ve tried both Methods (1 & 2).

It's an easy compare:

On a CD/DVD i can copy al the expanded drivers, just every Driver-package in his own directory. If XP searches fo ra driver, and found such a Driver-DVD, it wil search in every sub-directory for a inf-package with the correct Vendor/DeviceID. If there is only one hit at the end, XP installs teh Dirver, if there are more Hits, it displays a List of the possible drivers for selection. At the first driver it wil need loooong time, but following drivers will be very fast (depends on RAM), and it works fully automaticaly, and it will not leave any files on the Harddisc (like SAD/BASE does).

With the Stand-alone Disc (SAD) i need to install something onto my harddisc, and it works "only" with the main Driver packages.

Please don't missunderstood me: SAD with BASE is great, id did my donation with a lot of fun i'Ve found this homepage and to honor the Work on this, and i love the possibiblity and the results. And i will use it, because it is usable.

It is just the Handling of the results, and it seems there is no way to copy the DVD-treatment from XP to an USB-Stick, thats all.

So i ordered my first double layer DVD-Roms to burn the Cobra Driver pack (seems to come 100% from this page) unpacked to this and use the DVD like i wanted.

By the way: I've read the FAQ's, did searchings on this page and on Google, and this treat asked exactly my wishes, noting more and nothing less.

DirverPacks.net i s great work, no matter how XP handles Sticks and CD's.

Hi, ist SAD meaning something like: There is no way? I would also like to use an 8 Gb USB-Stick fpr this great collection, but got the same problem as am632.

I Mean: I would like to copy the complete collection on an 8 Gb USB Stick, put it in, and XP searches the drivers on this, like it would do on a CD/DVD.