Re: PXE installation of Windows XP

OverFlow wrote:

IDK you tell me...
dvds cost money you mean at 20 cents each that would break your budget? and a dvdrom is $10?
sounds like you need to stop working for free... wink

It just might... :-\
Going through a rough patch at the moment... been livin on Ramon noodles and haven't paid bills in 1 1/2 months so that I could get xmas gifts and not feel totally ashamed... but that is nobody's issue here...

I poke around rougespear's forum and see if I can come up with something.. and I know everyone is quite taxed out with other projects.

Re: PXE installation of Windows XP

For all u guys that are still interested... using the VM utile is way simpler then hacking windows into RISing...
I'm sorry, but I 2 wanted a windows ver for it... but the complexity of reinventing the wheel stopped me.

Anyways...  made an enhanced version for the VM utile, and its truly portable. that is, all u need is VMware, to use it.
I am not saying it is the pinnacle of creation, but I do believe it is worth a glance ( if u made it reading this far) … &t=248

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