Thank you for the reply
I be quiet now!!!! smile


I have been using driver packs for about 2 years now and something bugs me about it.

When the program is updating the i386\txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf files the little box stays on top of everything.

Is this intended, or something that just has to be put up with due to the nature of the work being done by driverpacks??



That was what I needed. The DVD ran fine after removing the x386 folder and reburning the disk.
The drivers loaded to the pc I was working on and fixed the driver problem it was having.
Thanks again

Well I just finished manually coping the driver packs over to the location that I told DPBase to create the SAD pack.
It copied them all into a folder x386. Is this correct?
I just burn this folder to DVD, correct?
I am using a DVD-RW just in case of a fubar smile

OH I see what your saying now
I'll try that and let you know


I am having trouble creating the Vista DriverPack
BASE keeps trying to use my XP setup and will not let me load the Vista drivers.
Any suggestions  I think I am missing something.

Hi All
I have been using DriverPacks for several years to slipstream the drivers for my XP install.
Now I have a need to make a SAD for vista drivers. I am not quite sure how to get it to download the Vista drivers, all I see are the drivers for XP.

Thanks in advance


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Looks like I am going to have to redo my install disk too!!
I used nlite and driver packs to incorporate my drivers and I get the beep warning about unsigned drivers but it just keeps loading.
I do have one question though. I need to integrate the sata drivers for XP. Do I need to use the separate driver or can I use the driver packs? In the past if I did not include the sata drivers though F6, the install would fail by not being able to access the sata drive.