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Only issue with integrating the intel chipset drivers I have is dmi_pci.inf and the 'High Precision Event Timer'

In the device manager properties Resource tab it conflicts with another driver...fix is to uninstall (make sure to fully delete INF), reboot and reinstall

I guess because of this problem is why it was removed for Windows 7 back in (Link)


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You log in with your gmail creds and it will allow you to use your email space (7 GB) as a online hdd

Just drag & drop, copy & paste files into it and they will essentially be attached to an email and sent to your gmail


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Happy Holydays


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Update the language file

Upload your driverpack and post your hwid's lets see if we can figure out the error

Lots better, a couple still are not fully being copied and would be nice if it was able to create the sub folder for the files if listed in [SourceDisksNames] section


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What updatepack/addons are you also integrating?

Nothing the base does happens at T13, its only during the beginning of the gui setup and finally during first login

If your HDD is not visible by Windows 7 all you need to do for it to be see is integrate the driver into boot.wim index 2

One bad thing about using pnputil is it will add ALL the drivers to DriverStore, even if the hardware is not present on your PC (Like KTD on steroids)

I am about to do a fresh install so I decided to give it a go, here is the error I get, I think its a un7zip problem

BTW I see you are not using pnputil

Yes, according to this article KB937793 it was first introduced in Vista

pnputil -a <path>\*.inf

Lots better, some files are still not getting copied

Also some drivers are missing a cat, because they does not use CatalogFile they use CatalogFile.ntx86/.ntamd64

CatalogFile.ntx86 =
CatalogFile.ntamd64 =

Modem driver is missing the following file


There are two program files folders on x64 machines, here are the DIRID numbers for X64 specific INF files just in case you need them

16422 = %ProgramFiles%
16426 = %ProgramFiles(x86)%
16427 = %CommonProgramFiles%
16428 = %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%

TV driver did not copy the files to sub folders named


NVIDIA driver did not copy NvCplSetupInt.exe, you will find this in the 01 dir which means the same driver that contains the INF (driverstore folder)

Here is the driver backuper backup

Here is my personal driverpack with all the drivers I integrate (for comparison purposes)

Heres a suggestion, if on Windows 7 have your tool find out the correct name of oem#.inf and then all you would need to do is go to the DriverStore folder and copy the entire forlder (and delete the pnf). This is best because Windows is smarter, it even copies the CoInstaller files even if they are not mentioned in the SourceDisksFiles section

BTW check out this driver backup tool, it searches the entire hdd until it finds the file (but it does not work on x64) also check out how it renames the INF with the same name as the CAT file … ver-backup

Renaming the INF is good especially for Windows Vista/7 users, a bunch of oem#.inf_amd64_neutral_c7fb486a9758e3d8 folders in DriverStore does not look good

A little better, but still missing allot of driver's files

Drivers Backup Solution 1.11.22 @Romeo91 (
Copying file has failed!

From: C:\Windows\inf\oem16.inf

To:C:\Users\Ricardo\Downloads\DriversBackUpSolution_FULL_v1.11.12\drivers\vista_7\x64\DP_RICKS-LAPTOP_wnt6_x64_11/23/2010\USB\Intel(R) ICH8 Family USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 283A\oem16.inf

That is the same error I get with all 36 drivers, then it says completed successfully, here is debuglog

Same thing, all failed


(9 replies, posted in DriverPack WLAN) seems legit, Sony ftp has a more updated driver v1.6.3 do you trust them more? … _1.6.3.ZIP

Edit: seems to be for Windows 7 only


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ms if you use Universal Extractor to do a admin install of the MSI installers you will find the drivers in

.\program files\Intel\WiFi\Drivers

Failed to copy all drivers … g.txt.html

Run-time error '76':

Path not found

Romeo91 I posted my log and drivers over on MSFN, but we can use this forum if you prefer


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This driver updates and fully replaces the driver in T6, I have it in my personal XP driverpack … e=Download

This is not necessary but I also edit AGSETUP.INI to enable SilentInstall=Y & InstallMOHOnly=Y and add this to my .ini to install the Modem On Hold app

exc_count         = 1
exc_1_tagFiles    = 2
exc_1_tagFile1    = "%DPSROOT%\D\3\TOS\LSI\setup.exe"
exc_1_tagFile2    = "%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\AGRSM.sys"
exc_1_+hwids      = 0
exc_1_-hwids      = 0
exc_1_+infFiles   = 0
exc_1_-infFiles   = 0
exc_1_commands    = 1
exc_1_command1    = "%DPSROOT%\D\3\TOS\LSI\setup.exe"

Post a link to the driver and your device hardware id lets have a look

BTW what did you use to collect the driver, did you manually do it or did you use a program


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Any chance of adding this update in the next massstorage release?



Edit, please ignore...its already in there...stupid me opened virtual.inf