I'm looking how to integrate these drivers to the massstorage driverpack.

They are issued from a Dell poweredge T610. My old poweredge 2900 was able to detect the SAS PERC Controller.

I guess this is a new one.

Could someone integrate or help  ?

Thanks a lot


I think I found it :

I just realize that MSI P6NGM is nforce chipset based and I have a special plugin for Nforce ethernet RIS drivers.

as you said, probably a duplicate. big_smile

Unfortunately, I don't have the mainboard anymore to be sure but I'AM pretty sure big_smile

Thanks for your help

Probably but how do you know which one  ? smile

thanks for your help

Yes and yes I did remove it

As I explained, with the net folder, it works (just booting). With the driverpack plugin without the net folder, it does'nt work.

i'm pretty confused hmm

I've got a BSOD when booting XPE with the new LAN Driverpack. The guilty motherboard is a MSI P6NGM.

I don't have any problems on other computers such as Dell computers (Latitude, XPS, precision and Optiplex), HP pavilion and Toshiba laptops.

When I use the older drivers in the \net folder from UBCD (without driverpacks so) with the MSI motherboard, the PC is booting fine.

The problem appears just after mounting ramdisk, XPE plug'n'play detection I guess?

Any idea?