It is the true! The old bases returns the same message.
The case is solved!

Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

You can do a filehash comparison if you don't trust me, but I guarantee you that cmdow.exe has NOT changed and that it does NOT contain malware of any kind.

Don't say that! You are one of the men who i trust most.
I just ask myself, why in the older version was no that problem.
I found the solution of my problem when i exclude path of driver pack base from scan.

I am using the same antivirus program for a long time ago, but that is the first time, when it happens. There was not a problem with the older driver packs bases.

My antivirus detect in cmdow.exe Spyware.Hidewindows.l (or I may be).
I use Bit Defender and when I unpacked DPs_base_606 it returned that message. What is this?

When I change regional settings to English there is not a bug.

If You try without color and font weight? Only for a test?

Opsss... It became a international problem...

The problems begins, when on the PC is a cyrillic character set. Serbian (cyrillic) is not my mother language ( I am from Bulgaria ), but I tested with it, and the situation was the same. May be someone from Russia tells about this problem too.

I asked myself the same! Maybe the fonts are not the same?

Hi, there is a small visual bug in Driver pack base. When I set up in Regional and Language settings on Bulgarian, the result is that:

When Regional and Language settings are set up on English ( United States) there is not a problem. I suppose that, there will be a problem with Russian too.