I see that  no banner or a favicon.ico has been setup yet. Here is the  Installing your Favicon Instructions

To add your new favicon.ico to a web page put it on the server into the same directory as the web page is for (e.g. www.example.com/foo/favicon.ico for www.example.com/foo/index.html). That is the first place a browser will search. If it doesn't find an icon there, it checks the top-level directory of the server (www.example.com/favicon.ico for the www.example.com server), so by putting it there you can have a default favicon for all the pages in your domain. Depending on browser and configuration, the favicon.ico is not always rendered, even if it is in one of the above locations, unless the web page explicitly declares its presence. To declare that your web page has an icon, you add the following 2 lines into the <head> section of your page:

<link rel="icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">

You can download the favicon I made here. favicon.zip

Sorry guys I lost my internet, but I'm back now & boy are those large

Ok here is what I see that the font style is what you guys are having are hard time on deciding on in the Space style, so I have compressed all that I have & here you can download Space Fonts.7z to see what you want used.
When you all have decided on the font style you want used let me know & I'll make this banner below with the fonts you decide on


Helmi wrote:

The tag line on these last two is a tad small, IMO.
This is on a <100 dpi display, going higher may mean it's even worse.

Sorry you got me confused on what you mean here


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So How's it going on the fixing the driverpacks sound b?

hehe What are you seeing? Do you need glasses?

Thanks for the typo error.
Fixed big_smile

What do you think about this?
The font was done with the 1 made in 2002



Thanks for the info but I know about bbcodes, I have more bbcodes than what this forum offers from my days running a forum, but the reason I chose this way it wasn't displaying the images right for some reason.

Helmi wrote:

BTW, this one http://teeswebdesign.com/dp_images/b8012e.png is very hard to read against the default medium grey background!
We should really try to find one colour that can easily been read on any of the Forum styles (since you can never know which one a user has set).

That is why I had the Slogan in it a little darker just to show that the slogan could be added & in a earlier post I ask mr smartepants if he knew whom made this banner & I need the files they used & know what software & tools in that software that was used to create it so I could redesign it. I can maybe put a shadow around the slogan for it to be easier to read in the liter colored forum styles.

BTW: I figured out what the problem was, for some reason I had to edit the link for the image that the quote tag used to get the image to show up.

In the 2002 one the diff is the a in Space is small letter & the A in Age is caps that is the diff in the looks of the 2

Personally, I'd really dig the blue of the forum post separator bars.
Maybe even incorporate the same grey, too.
That would look like an identical cast.
Ok that would be fine for the style you use, but what about all the other forum styles like Radium, Sulfur, Mercury or any of the others that a member can choose from in their profile? There is 6 to choose from. I can make the banner to match each one in color, but then you will end up with like 7 banners 1 for each forum style & one for the driverpacks base web site.
The top one is very fine, could you adjust the colour, please?
Just want to see what it looiks like, then.
Now it's the same as DriverPacks.net in the banner & it looks fine on a dark style like Radium, on the Oxygen style the Slogan is hard to read. I would need the files that was used to make this banner & know what software was used & what tools in that software was used to create it for me to match it excitedly
Also, the new font you chose (I really like the previous one!) has some little "wavey" effect on it (letters seem to go up and down, esp. noticable on the slogan)

This font was made Nov. 5 2002
The font color matches the file cabinet

This font was made Aug. 5 2001
The font color matches the file cabinet
++++++++++++++1 from me big_smile

Maybe try to match the blue from the icon a bit more (less dark).

I wasn't going for color as much as getting a font style first the color is no problem at any time it can be changed.

For now I just added the slogan to this.


Here is another way too


Ok I got the image, now I will play around with it & see what I can come up with.
Do you know whom made this banner & if so could you see what app they used & if they still have all the files they used to make it & if I could get a copy of them to help me redesign it?

mr_smartepants wrote:

Didn't we decide about a year ago on a slogan?  Wasn't it "The 'unknown device' eliminator"?

As for the slogan I wasn't here a year ago & I did a search & couldn't find anywhere it was confirmed what is was going to be, just that slogan's was getting voted on.

dnoiz wrote:

Red text is not what we want right? smile
Looking at the logo and the context of computers I would opt for blue/gray?

Also the font used for the 'Slogan goes here' part is pretty nice (better then the all caps font).

Just my 2c.


For the red text that was just a random color, so they could decide on the font & now they can figure out the color
as for the fonts that is why I put both types in the banner


Thanks for your input
I can't read peoples minds to know what they want.
That is why there is so many images to get an Idea going

Cool we have a font you both agree on, now I need some info from you guys.
In the banner image I can make the size of the font a little smaller & more to the
top of the banner with a slogan under it in a smaller font & maybe a different type font
since the space age is only in a caps format or just smaller with the space age 1, also
what type of coloring would you like it to be in? Like a solid or gradient or I can use textured.
Please give me some idea of what you might like so I can do some samples.
The site name is done with the font space age dated in 2002
The slogan is dated in 2001. They both are at 28 pixels


This is the font in my sig image, it's called space age & it only does letters in like caps. sad

This 1 is called Bell Gothic

This 1 is called Black Chancery

This 1 is called SF Americana Dreams

If you have any font style in mind just give me the name of it & if I don't have it I can get it

Well that is kinda hard as I'm a web site designer I have lots of fonts.
I have about 5 gigs of them or more, Here is 1 style for Helmi dieter-steffmann_alte-schwabacher


Here you go hope this catches your eye


I found this at RyanVM.net the other day that someone had in there post for Bashrat Drivers Background Displayer
but I edit to look this way because they had it with 2 sides with a brown border & your progress bar in it & I resized
it down by half it's size it was.
I went back there & the person that had it in their post, the link isn't working now to see it, the post was like 3 yrs. ago also.
I will see if I can locate this person & see if I can change some stuff & have you use it in your app as a billboard if you wish.


Thanks I hope you guys can use 1 of these or something close to what I have done or I can change them for ya.

Here is a banner that will work with any style a used will pick here in the forum.
This took a bit to get it transparent to work on the forum & driver packs base web site


I can make them any color you want



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ok sorry for all the work I've caused you to have to do.

Stoner wrote:

Cool m8 any chance i could have that icon and i will put my own text with it plz m8?

Let me know ok wink



I got this Logo http://driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/BTS_DriverPacks.png from here Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks
You can download the favicon I made here. favicon.zip
The only credit I take is that I made it into a favicon for DriverPacks.net
as for the Logo's & Banners I used that Logo in them, so
do as you please with the Logo or favicon but I don't take any responsibility for what you do with it.


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cool how soon before the DriverPacks Sound B will be ready for downloading do you think?

Ok here is the banner not animated


or here is another way to have it