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When I used the previous pack, my wireless Logitech ex110 mouse&keyboard sucked. Break my drivers .. i couldn't fix it and then c:\format. I can use & test again your pack if you dont use ant logitech driver. Better than a broken system. Windows Xp drivers are capable for this device. Anyway, working! I'm happy without setpoint.
This pack is interesting and useful for me. But the within this logitech problem or anyway in it, i will never use. System sucked 2 times because of this Hid pack. This my report & advice. Don't use setpoint or other bullshit drivers.
(sorry for bad english. not my mother language)

Heheh, you're right. I was hopeless smile But, aarrghh when will it come?! A guess?
Now, i have DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_811r1.7z and it looks good. Now, Useful for new intel sata.
I hope new pack is upcoming & I hope it's going smoothly.

When will you release new masstorage pack? This is the most important pack. I really need an updated pack. Can you e-mail me link of new pack? It should be updated & better. Masstorage pack is finished? I dont need chancelog file. At homepage you(dp_team) write like that, if i understood correctly. My mother language is not English.
Can you post me new pack?
baris.seven at gmail.com
I sent an (to DP teaml)e-mail before to get mass pack but no one answered.


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Hi Muiz. I wanted to write here too. Sorry for bad English.
I've an updated Vista Sp1 source.(I used vista tool for hotfix, after this i used vlite for somethings and deleting old vga drivers, last i've intregrated drivers with vistatool and created iso)
  My VGA  driver didn't install with 8.12.1 pack. Also I've searched manually from device manager in extracted driver folder and it couldn't find my intel vga driver. But i see there is intel vga driver files.. But i'm sure there is a problem with intel vga driver files in this pack.. (not compatible with mobile intel?)
It's done but I installed the driver (GMA_1582.exe) myself. Is there anyone else repoted this?
Note: I'm using laptop with 945g chipset & gma 950 onboard vga.


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I'm using DP_Misc_wnt5_x86-32_81124.7z
This pack covers card readers.
Can i use your cardreader pack with this pack together? Should I ?