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HP has a "universal" print driver they state will work on 90-some-% of all hp printers.  I'd try to make a pack out of that first...


confirmed!  I built my uh build using guirunonce, all the drivers, and ktd m2. and got the desktop.ini issue.  i removed and readded Bâshrat the Sneaky using all the drivers, ktd, m2, but i used runonce 937 and got NO desktop.ini issues.

sum up.  seems like guirunonce is the issue.

sorry if you figured it out already, i've been away!


just adding my $.02  I also have this issue.

i use nlite 1.01 to handle the fullunattended install - us-en xp sp2
ryanupdate pack.

everything is fine.
i add Bâshrat the Sneaky 6.10 all packs, m2,ktd, qsc
i have the desktop.ini issue at startup and in all the folder under programs

it is reproduceable on vmware and on 3 different machines i tested.

I also get an unrelated issue stating the "could not move drivers from c:\d" to c:\windows\driverpacks\d"  but after i click okay, it moves them ! HA

i'm glad to see i'm not the only one experiencing this.  I sit back and see what turns up.