"This way every newbie user will have a good platform to create their first "complete" install CD/DVD's without need for complications and for those who value customizations this becomes a very handy tool to quickly create very complex results and share them with others."

Though I am in my 50's I would consider myself a newbie in this area.  I am sorry , but it is not for newbies.  If it were I would be able to create the installation with all the driver packs, and any other components that I wanted with out having to bounce back and forth from website to site and forum to forum.  I am sure it is more then helpful for those that are not "newbies" I have been unable to recover my drive as the partition recovery gives errors and the recovery cds recreate the errors and will not allow me to reinstall...so I have been trying to re-create a winxp install cd with drivers and such and slipstream sp3 and a few other software that I have purchased and re-install and remove the partition using my winxp key.   but there is no one set of instructions that are truly understandable to someone who lacks the requisite knowledge that all of you have. or rather that takes you through the entire process without having to bounce all around the net for every little paragraph.