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is a direct instruction to copy to disc...
this link describes the meanings of the OEM folders (it's for XP but you will get the idea)

Launch SAD3 directly from the USB drive (not in a $OEM$ folder) and it won't copy them.

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How to edit setupcomplete.cmd to launch DP_Install_Tool.cmd on USB b/c Letter USB can E or H or G ...

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I have USB win 7 with SAD3 (USB:/sources/$OEM$/1$/(SAD3 files here ) . i use Method 1 ( extract all driver to "USB:/sources/$OEM$/1$/NT6/x64/D/" ) but when windows install completed , script DP_Install_Tool.cmd running , it's copy all SAD3 files from USB to C:\ (  with all drivers ) . Why i use Method 1 , it not search and install drivers on USB ??? i don't want copy all SAD3 to C:\ . it's waste time.

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