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Hello. I have recently got this working from a USB. The OS installs sliently using unattend.xml from a fully updated gold image.
I'm by no means a master of this, or scripting, but through trial and error I got it working. I tested all the examples in the previous posts and none seemed to work. This is the only thing that worked for me.
For the rest of the people wanting to do do what i've done. This is how I did it.
Hopefully this may save someone some time.
I used this for a Win7x64 based image.

Copied all the source files and drivers to:

@echo off
del /Q /F c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml
del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml
pushd %systemdrive%\Setup\SDI_R317\

%systemdrive%\Setup\SDI_R317\SDI_x64_R317.exe -autoinstall -autoclose -license "-finishrb_cmd:Shutdown.exe -r -t 15"
RD C:\Setup /S /Q


"-finish_cmd:RD C:\Setup /S /Q"
"-finishrb_cmd:Shutdown.exe -r -t 15"
"-finish_upd_cmd:RD C:\Setup /S /Q"



-license -expertmode

Hello. I've downloaded the latest version of the sad3 script. This works really nicely. I'm using this on Windows 7 x64.
The script is triggered from setupcomplete.bat and i've added SAD3 to the \sources directory on the setup media. This is deploying via USB.

The only issue that I had it that after DPInst.exe runs it does something else after it and the program stops.
The command window says:
The driverpacks stand alone driver installation is complete.
The dpinst log can be found c:\windows\dpinst.log
the main log file can be found in c:\dp_install_tool.log
Please check device manager to see if touchpad driver installed correctly.
Cleanup phase...
That's it, nothing else happens and the window closes and the PC is left un restarted. Please can this be fixed?
Also having c:\DP_Install_Tool.log just adds clutter to the root directory. Could this be outputted some other location like c:\windows ?

I'm not the greatest coder in the world and to get around this so my computer deleted the un needed files I had to modify the below code. It works well but leaves an empty folder C:\D

  DEL /F /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPsFnshr.exe"
  REG DELETE "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" /v "DriverPacks Finisher final cleanup" /f
) >nul
ECHO Cleanup phase...
start "new window" cmd /c "c:\windows\setup\scripts\SetupComplete2.bat"

shutdown -r -c "Drivers Installed! Machine will now restart.."
rd /s/q C:\D
rd /s/q C:\D
rd /s/q "C:\Touchpad HID"
del c:\DP_Install_Tool.log