Here is an example smile

Scenerio is this:
imagine i prepare a cd by using DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_805.7z - DPs_BASE_805.exe --> plugin for bartpe, livexp ... etc.
and imagine i went to a unbootable pc
and put my PE cd, and boot.

Than i get a surprise, i can not access the harddisk!
so i go do to get a new DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_XXX.7z (which support the controllers of this pc) and put it on usb-stick
go to same pc, boot with same cd
with "Driver Import PE" i import new DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_XXX.7z
and valaaaa, i can access the harddisk!
OR can i,
with the current problem i can not be sure!

But i can be sure if i use "Driver Import PE" with manufacturer drivers. But wouldnt it be better to go our lovely trustable source DriverPacks which in first place created (as far as i read) for that reason.

"Driver Import PE" Scenerio's can be increased,
Ex: for now with "Driver Import PE" i can install my Geforce 8500 GT by using DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_8102.7z on cd. smile.
So the PE i prepare can support all drivers DP_Graphics_A support without loosing much space.
Ex: adding a general support for ethernet driver to PE by .7z file dont loose much space (7mb - 41mb)
Ex: In all scenerios core files to bootup decrease which is especially very important for utilized .img methods (ex: livexp bootsdi method with wim)
etc etc etc......

So it is a very helpful tool. beta already works now with DriverPacks packages, but with current jmicron problem we can not be %100 sure.

I hope i could write more clearly now. Sorry for bad english.

Sorry for posting wrong place.

For small defination,

Galapo's "Off Line SysPrep Tool" inject driver(s) to Target machine on disk
Kare's "Driver Import PE" inject driver(s) to running hostos machine (PE) on cd (+fbwf plugin (or any other method to have writeable media) required)

so it is another wheel smile

Also with Galapo's great effort with others great contributions "Driver Import PE" is now on LiveXP too, … topic=5213

The next step Kare wanted to take is to support DriverPacks archives with "Driver Import PE", so we are here.

Question... What is the difference between
the OEM Jmicron driver - that works and
the DriverPacks driver - that won't work

Here is the Jmicron driver i use successfully from manufacturer for a long time. … 363_32.rar
Here is the Jmicron driver from DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_805.7z that works only when DPs_BASE_805.exe used to create plugin. … 805.7z.rar

Hi to all,

Kare, developer of great software "Driver Import PE" decide to add DriverPacks support to "Driver Import PE".
He wanted me to write sayin my english better ( probably not better smile ) and as i am the tester.

Simply, with DriverPacks supprt, "Driver Import PE" extract DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_805.7z files to ramdrive, search for drivers inside, and when found, installs appropiate driver to the hostos (PE).

Problem is, "Driver Import PE" finds Jmicron driver needed inside DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_805.7z, but it can not install to hostOSpe properly.

But 1
When i use "Driver Import PE" with manufacturer Jmicron driver, it can install to hostOSpe properly.

But 2
When i use DPs_BASE_805.exe to prepare bartpe plugin, and use this plugin, no problem accesing jmicron harddisk.

***!!!! Kare says, DriverPacks jmicron only installs on boot !!!!***

Can you help Kare making "Driver Import PE" support DriverPacks packages properly.

Kare is reading the current topic and would answer any question asked.

I hope you can help


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my 2824 i reported int this topic is now in DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_807a
2828 is not in DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_807a

inform DriverPacks team SamLab, and puting a post here maybe good too for 2828 smile … 8.rar.html

still some intel ich hwid that arent before used (i looked only for 2824) missing in
as cdob  wrote at Posts: 56  (i use [to I3] PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2824&CC_0106 on my hardware :>)

only reminding smile

here is another hwid for ICH9R i guess, just seen this and posted here for support (i guess not included in  DriverPacks 805) … ntry780647

I made adds to iaahci.inf and txtsetup.oem to make ICH8_Ahci support

includes 2 files:

i tested both with bartpe (regular) and worked perfectly.

please check my work, as i am not an expert about the subject.

Thanks to Galapo, Fernando, Jaak, cdob and all others.


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Thanks SamLab, the subject continued from here, please check the uploads i made (i tested and works fine) (post#38). … 166#p22166

I was just posting new iaahci.inf file to here with uniting fernando and galopo version which successfully work on both bartpe and livexp,
, than i saw another site who did exactly the same thing with me: (hwids are same)
you can get iaahci.inf from there, same as mine:  (82801HB adds to this iaahci.inf are same with what i do)

From there, i understand that not only AsusP5B uses 82801HB in ahci mode, also Intel® Desktop Board DG965RY uses it in ahci mode too, with same hwid.

Also look here for … 313057.htm site for ICH8 Family Specification Update.
ps: … 313057.htm
in the pdf file, at page 11, there is info showing 2824h id, god knows when intel add this to its driver package.

Thanks to fernando providing links. smile.

Thanks cdob, now i understand the reason of my ICH8 82801HB-Ahci driver problem.

cdob wrote:
Lancelot wrote:

i also tested to use Galapo's iaahci.inf on my Bart's PE (putting it in with other files to D:\pebuilder\drivers\SCSIAdapter\ahcif6flpy32) , it didnt work there.

PEBuilder dosn't process *.inf file, txtsetup.oem is used. Adjust txtsetup.oem.

I am not an expert about PEBuilder running routine but as i wrote before (#27) fernando's addings to iaahci.inf file (not txtsetup.oem) made it work in with bartpe.

ps: bartpe i use is from Bart's website without XPE, with utilites added by me. I use untouched xp32sp2 as source.

here are files for you to compare: … ncelot_rar

Thanks for your concern.

Sorry for long messages, i wrote things twice sometimes not to overstep or misinform things.

Hi OverFlow smile
Thanks for info, i put only ahci and jmb drivers to \drivers folder of bartpe for personal usage, i wrote the result of my trials with that way.

i am not sure the answer of bios mode (only rookie), i get some bios information for you, i hope it helps:
Bios-->Main-->Ide Configuration-->SATA Configuration-->Configure SATA as-->AHCI
Bios-->Advanced-->Chipset-->Onboard Devices Configuration-->Jmicron Sata/PATA Controller-->Jmicron Sata Controller Mode-->RAID
Yes i use raid0, on jmb363 connected disk.
jmb363 connected:
2 sata harddisk as raid0
1 eide harddisk
ICH8 82801HB:
1 sata harddisk as ahci

(no cd/dvd connected any of them, i connect my dvdrw from usb)

here is a picture
(flash drive connected to usb)

AsusP5B supports raid only on jmb363 connected disks, ICH8 82801HB dont have raid option.
Totally: 2 eide + 2 sata controlled by jmb363 ; 4 sata controlled by ICH8 82801HB

Here is more hwid information taken with using xp32:

note: i use 2003-64 for personal usage nowadays, for trial and learn. i have xp32 on other partition of disk. As far as i understand xp64 is client of 200364 (like old days, nt workstation, nt server :>) If any info requested from 2003-64 ask, to avoid anymisinfo i took hwids information running xp32. :>.

Hi Jaak,

Let me start with a litte summary:

I will try to test and support as much as i can, dont forget i am a rookie smile
Asus P5 Board, with, ICH8 82801HB & JMB363
HardwareIDs can be taken from XP-32 OS: … mp;p=39193

ICH8 82801HB always trouble smile

to setup ICH8 82801HB driver on xp, Device manager - add a new device, after showing from ahcii driver (ahcif6flpy32) from the list choosing ich9.

I had trouble using Bart's PE cd of my own with my Asus P5B board when ahci enabled with ICH8 82801HB disk, cause i cant reach the disk as its drivers arent loaded.

For Bart's PE, i found a solution by the help of fernando from msnf by adding some lines + sth, here you can find: … ntry737769

I started to use Winbuilder_LiveXP, and problem again, so i posted boot-land. Galapo send me files to change in DriverPacks package (as you already know)   iaahci.rar DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86_32.rar, which worked nice with livexp. … mp;p=39219

Than you came, and welcome. smile

i put DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_806E.7z file to D:\winbuilder_LiveXP\Workbench\Common\DriverPacks\MassStorage folder without changing the name of file (and deleted old files), builded it and create sdi image.

sorry this time livexp didnt see the ICH8 82801HB connected (ahci enabled) disk

i also tested to use Galapo's iaahci.inf on my Bart's PE (putting it in with other files to D:\pebuilder\drivers\SCSIAdapter\ahcif6flpy32) , it didnt work there.

So far i solved my livexp problem by help of galapo and bartpe problem with fernando for personal usage,

i would like to test what you would want me to contribute the DriverPacks massstorage pack. only dont forget, i am a rookie :>.