OverFlow wrote:

this utility linked to and described in this thread works entirely without DriverPacks BASE or any of it's components.

(the version of SAD in DriverPacks BASE is version one, my original version, works for NT5 only [XP])

SAD 3 (this thread) will work from CD, DVD, HDD, USB HDD, USB thumb or... basically any other local source.

You MUST put the proper files in the proper format in the correct folders... or it will fail.
You can't mix (or mix up) compressed mode and uncompressed mode folders. It won't work.

If you follow the directions then it will work, I am confident about this statement.
If it fails then you have strayed from the path somewhere... but where???
IDK! You won't tell me what you did...

It's not that I'm not telling you, it's just that there are only like two or three steps to this process so I'm not sure where I could have gone wrong. In an hour or two I'm going to try the process again but this time I'll write the steps down so I can post em here and hopefully we can see where I'm straying off the path. I appreciate the responses and patience. Thanks!

OverFlow wrote:

it is important that the drivers are correctly staged...

location of packs, method desired, steps you took, and log

If I use that SAD3 zip file/folder, can i put the driverpacks in there (in the correct folder) and burn that directory to a CD or do I need to still use the DP Base installer and tell it I want a Stand Alone Driver Disc? I guess that's what's confusing me.

I'm using method 2 and SAD3 to try and install these drivers onto a new XP installation. The problem I'm having is that it tells me that it is extracting all 8 packs I have, but no drivers ever end up getting installed. These are XP era dell computers so I'd imagine the driverpack collection should be able to install a lan/video/chipset driver(s). I know the question might seem vague, but is there something ridiculously simple I might be missing here?

I copied and pasted the driverpacks folder onto a cd-rw if that helps any.

EDIT: I looked at the log file that's created in the windows directory and it mentioned that it tried doing method 1 but there was an error saying "no driver packages found". I put the driverpacks (zipped) in the NT5/x86/D folder. Beforehand I tried putting the zip files in the NT5/x86 folder and it said it tried Method 2 (still didn't work).