OverFlow wrote:

you will have to inject the dirvers into each WIM image separately, since each image is separated how could they conflict?

Its an AIO DVD , so i have 1 install.wim , thats why im thinking of conflict


Thank you very much for the valuable info and sorry for the inconvenience. I have one more question in order not to open a new thread.

I have a Windows 7 AIO (x86-x64) and i want to integrate the same LAN drivers as above to every 32bit release and the same x64 driver pack for every x64 release. I will use "RT Se7en Lite".

My question is if there will be a problem with driver conflicts and i have to choose another way to do it.

Thank you very much !

OverFlow wrote:

which version of PE? Who's build / version?
What download? (link maybe)

It's a PE 3.0 (Windows 7) built with WAIK.

The drivers i would like to add -> http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/wind … /lan/12.08

There are 5 folders inside :


I added Win7 folder to my latest WinPE disc but my question is if it is enough or do you recommend including another folder ?

thanks !

Hello , im trying to integrate the LAN driver pack from driverpacks.net to my WinPE disc.

My question is which folder i have to use ?? The download comes with Win8 , Win7 , All ...

What is the best result ?

Thanks !