So if I understand this tool correctly ...

This is to easily and fully update your current computer systems drivers ?

Or is it to load up a huge driver base onto your machine so you can add new hardware at any time and have it auto installed ?

Reasoning & questions:

I have a goal of making an image of a Windows 7 64 Pro installation, that I can then transfer to other computers in my network.  Can this software allow my starting installation / image to have a full and current driver base (from driverpacks) that will give it maximum compatibility with different types of hardware ?  I have about 25 machines I'll be working with.  Both intel and amd, and of various ages (and components).

When going the route of just making an install iso to serve the same purpose,  have used other tools to try and integrate driverpacks into my current project Windows 7 Pro 64 install iso.  However its been problematic.  Any advice ?

TY very much for the advice and these projects !