Oops, I really didn't mean to sound dismissive and argumentative. What I meant was "Cool, I'll go ahead and download it now, your word that it's a good file works for me, and on a side note, here's what I think about AV." I guess my post didn't really contain the "Thanks, downloading now" part though.

But yeah, I downloaded and extracted and it is definitely virus-free.


Great, thanks for the info.

I don't agree with that approach to AV, though. Since different AVs catch different things, there can be threats that only one or two out of 5 AVs catch. Therefore, if this was a legit threat and my AV caught it, but I tested with another AV to make sure it was real, and that second AV didn't see a threat, it would be bad for me to say "Oh, I guess it was a false positive." That isn't necessarily the case. So be careful with that.

That's why I prefer checksum or word from the devs. Thanks for your input, though!

Sorry to get off the current topic of this thread, but I've got a question.

Is there a checksum for the current version, or any other reliable version, of the tool?

Or can someone verify for me that the current linked files are safe? EDIT: I'm open to this being a false positive, but I want to be sure before I proceed.

After downloading the current version of the SAD from the links in the OP and extracting, my antivirus got a hit on the devpath.exe. I couldn't find anything specific on the interwebs about bad devpath.exes, but I did I read some things about mediafire links being compromised and unsafe. I googled around for a checksum for this tool and couldn't find any.

Can you offer any insight on this? Thanks for your time!