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that's good news. i have to admit, with this hot weather we are all busy big_smile
I want to integrate the new drivers in windows7x64 (boot & install wim). It's better when they are all in one place, thanks to you. It's hard to install windows from usb stick on a new laptop when you only have usb30 ports and no driver ...  i will wait if the new drivers are going to be released soon wink @Overflow - I wish you good luck for you and your kids!


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Well its been some time as the drivers are no longer updated! Any news?!

OverFlow wrote:

the only way you can get our driver to be used is to disable/remove or update the native one wink

Ok, thanks! I will search & remove the driver if i finded! big_smile

edit: it's work after all! i removed all drivers that i found. it seems dpbase add/replece the m$ drivers, and shows the old date driver version but is the lastest form drivepack. wink cool

if the driver is  old(from m$) doesn't work neutral maybe its a bug, i don't kwon why not work

but the mass storage work perfectly

OverFlow wrote:

Yes - Well done !

Very intuitive of you! you have been a PE user for a while wink


Welcome to DriverPacks and have a great day!

I test my bartpe with slipstreamed drivers from dp base but seems to load an old microsoft driver!


the driver from drivepack - DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8121 for my via rhine II fast ethernet adapter is from september 2008!

" FETNDIS.inf " => ;

;  Purpose:   Netcard setup information file for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/SRV2003/Vista
;  Author:    Eric YJ Chen
;  Date:      Sep, 2008
;  Copyright: VIA Technologies, Inc.

CatalogFile = netvt.cat
Signature   = "$Chicago$"
Compatible  = 1
Class       = Net
ClassGUID   = {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Provider    = %Prov%
DriverVer   = 09/22/2008,

i download the lastest DriverPacks BASE (8.12.3) and i see the program suport to slipstream the Lan & Wlan drivers in bartpe!my question is:

the other drivers located in bartpe instalation folder :   x:\Bart\drivers\Net

Driver WiFi - Intel Pro Wireless 2200-2915 & Wireless Zero Config
and the nforce drivers(lan) added as plugin

Should be removed?