I've continued testing this on a few more computers and haven't run into any issues yet. 

I also downloaded the newest AMD HD driver and cab'd it, and it still worked fine.  However I don't think NVidia's would work because many of the files are already cab compressed.

I will continue to test and post my results if any issues come up.

This is the latest command line I've used:

FOR /R %%X IN (*.exe, *.ax, *.dll, *.sys, *.dat, *.drv, *.rtf, *.htm, *.html, *.txt, *.xml, *.man, *.lrc, *.ico, *.inx, *.iss, *.mst, *.mui, *.nvi, *.tvp, *.oem, *.nvu, *.pop, *.pnf, *.resources, *.rfx, *.rom, *.s3, *.strings, *.svc, *.tip, *.uda, *.vxd, *.msi, *.wav, *.wmv, *.wma, *.mpg, *.avi, *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.tif, *.xsd, *.bin, *.cfg, *.config, *.cpl, *.cur, *.cpa, *.cva, *.deb, *.def, *.din, *.dir, *.ds, *.forms, *.h, *.hdr, *.hgp, *.icm, *.js, *.lib, *.lng, *.sf2, *.sfb, *.sfm, *.syn, *.tag) DO CD /D "%%~dpX"& MAKECAB /V2 "%%X"& DEL /F /Q "%%X"& ECHO %%~dpX%%X>>"%~dp0makecab.log"

I could only get it to work by using multiple IF statements for each excluded extenstion:

FOR /R %%A IN (*.*) DO IF %%~xA NEQ ._ IF %%~xA NEQ .cmd IF %%~xA NEQ .cat IF %%~xA NEQ .ini IF %%~xA NEQ .inf IF %%~xA NEQ ._ IF %%~xA NEQ .vp IF %%~xA NEQ .cab CD /D "%%~dpA"& MAKECAB /V2 "%%A"& DEL /F /Q "%%A"& ECHO %%~dpX%%A>>"%~dp0makecab.log"

There is however one problem.  This will not exclude any files that have already been cab compressed (*.*_).  Batch IF statements don't support wildcards, so I do not know how this could be done without an external program.

So for now I will probably just stick to my previous example that won't double compress any files.

I manually cab'd the latest Intel Integrated HD Graphics 4600 series (Haswell) and they installed fine on an HP AIO. 

Also used it on an older Pentium D machine, it installed 3 drivers just fine.

This is after cab'ing all files mentioned in my previous post plus *.ax files.

OverFlow wrote:

Please revisit my original advise.

instead of INCLUDE, do EXCLUDE. (not equal to)

and exclude these...  "_",  "AX", "VP", "CAB", "CAT", "CMD", "INF", "INI", "EXE"

I'm afraid I'm not a programming wizard and only know a little batch...  how would I do this?

bigfoot wrote:

It didn't work on the 660 because the official drivers don't have support for the 660.
Check out each subforum for beta packs that have newer driver releases.
The beta driverpacks are larger as they contain more drivers.

Ah, Okay.  I'll grab those beta's and try again.  Thanks!

OverFlow wrote:

Rats... I was trying to make it easy for ya, sorry.

Don't bury yourself in code, keep it simple we just need proof of concept big_smile.

I can do this very easy if it works.

Does it work???

I tried it last night on a fresh install on an ASUS P8Z77-V.

It worked on every driver except the video card (NVIDIA GTX 660).  So I think some video drivers may have to be left untouched.

These are the drivers that I remember installed:  Intel USB 3.0 Controller, Asus Wifi-N PCI card, ASmedia Mini-wifi, Intel Gigabit NIC, SMBus, USB 3.0 Extensible, Creative Audigy 2 ZS, and a couple others I can't remember.

I will keep testing it on more machines, but I think it works just fine on drivers that don't require a setup.exe to run.

So maybe if Setup.exe's are excluded it would all work fine?

Now that would just be too easy!

Actually it doesn't work, throws errors about extracting the packages.  I assume it's because of the directory names being different.

Looks like that command won't process recursively.

It can process recursively if we add the "/s" switch to DIR.  However, then it dumps everything in the root directory.

I think I've come up with a script that will process all files recursively, name them correctly, and not process anything twice.  Plus I've added a log with the names of the compressed files.


DEL /F /Q "%~dp0makecab.log"

CD /D "%~dp0"

FOR /R %%X IN (*.dll, *.sys, *.rtf, *.htm, *.html, *.reg, *.txt, *.xml, *.man) DO CD /D "%%~dpX"& MAKECAB /V2 "%%X"& DEL /F /Q "%%X"& ECHO %%~dpX%%X>>"%~dp0makecab.log"

ECHO.& ECHO.& ECHO Finished& ECHO.

I kept the file list more conservative this time around until I can test more file types.  Also added level 2 verbosity to makecab.



Jaak wrote:

Nibus, any driver uses machine language, and help files use what's there.

the crux to SIZE is, the HWID really only needs one set..  of all these languages

There were (in the past) WDM files. them are not needed (all in wdm can be safely deleted)

language for help, is not needed (and that alone will save big space)

default language in windooz in amerikaneez ingleez, and you will most likely NOT see EN folder
(you do know that even British English have to get american ingleez out of our language choices?)

the point is, I figure 3.8Gb from your driver collection are not needed at all.

That was the help I can offer you.

Now I need your help

Can you upload for me to download your collection, so I can filter this for drivers you dont even need at all

say where to, i will DL them next thursday
fellow geek

Very interesting, thank you very much for this information.  I actually just downloaded all the Windows 7 x64 DriverPacks from the torrents here:  http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/latest  and then exracted them all to the same directory.  Turned out to be a little over 5GB.

Maybe even more savings can be had when deleting unneeded files as well as compressing.

ricktendo64 wrote:

BTW try this command, it does not have the renaming problem

for /f %X in ('dir/b *.dll *.exe *.sys') do makecab %X & del /f /q %X

Add more extensions as needed

Fantastic!  I'll give that one a shot on the entire disc. 

I apologize I was unable to test over the weekend, I was out of town.  However I have a few new computer builds I can test these drivers on today or tomorrow, so I will get them all CAB'd up today and on a DVDR for testing.

Thank you all for your help and input!

OverFlow wrote:

just try a driver you know you can test first (you have driver and device in hand).

manually cab that driver and test to see if it even works before investing more time in it big_smile.

Let us know how that works. I must warn you that some of the newer video drivers will not appreciate this.  and they are some of the biggest drivers.

I will try this on a fresh install later tonight to see if Windows 7 will use the cab'd files.

I guess for the larger video drivers I could just move them to a different directory and skip them.

Here is my first try at a script.  It works well except for a couple issues.

First, it only appends an _ on the extension instead of replacing the 3rd character.  I don't know if this will affect the drivers' installation.

Second, there are about 350 files that it is compressing twice, and appending two _'s on the extension.  Not sure why this is happening...


CD /D "%~dp0"

FOR /R %%X IN (*.dll, *.sys, *.cfg, *.cpl, *.din, *.icm, *.forms, *.oem, *.pop, *.pnf, *.resources, *.rtf, *.rom, *.tvp, *.rfx, *.tip, *.vp, *.htm, *.html, *.reg, *.txt, *.cap, *.dat, *.xml, *.drv, *.lib, *.js, *.lrc, *.man, *.mof, *.mui, *.nvi, *.chm, *.hlp, *.blb, *.eng, *.dan, *.deu, *.nld, *.dut, *.esp, *.fra, *.ger, *.ita, *.jpn, *.kor, *.por, *.spa, *.swe) DO MAKECAB "%%X" "%%X_"& DEL /F /Q "%%X"


The space saved is substantial.  The original directory size was 5.11 GB, and after compression it has shrunk to 3.7 GB, which is actually much better than I anticipated.

Well I'd like to fit all the current driverpacks on a DVD-R, currently the 64-bit drivers are a little over 5GB.  This is to be used on random computers that are missing drivers here and there.  I'm not interested in running dpinst.exe to update everything, as I've had problems in the past with it using incorrect video drivers that I couldn't roll back, and eventually just had to reinstall the OS.

I will see if I can run a recursive makecab, hopefully that will work.  Otherwise I guess I can just go dual layer.


In the past I've used the Dps_base to create a CAB compressed directory of drivers for Windows XP.  I would like to do the same for Windows 7/Vista in order to save space.  I have given SAD3 a try but from what I can see it does not offer a cab compression option for the entire driver directory like DPs_Base did, only the 7zip option or completely uncompressed (but maybe I am missing something).

Is there a recommended method of doing this?

I suppose I could use makecab.exe and do a recursive loop through my driver directories on specific files, renaming the last extension character to an _;  at least thats what I've observed Dps_Base did with XP drivers.  Would this method work with Windows 7?

Thanks in advance!