I know, but as far as I can see, spaces among other characters aren't allowed in any CAB-files - well actually in drivers.

BASE doesn't integrate to DRIVER.CAB, but the packs are being used in various other projects, since it's the best drivers out there.

It would be simple for you guys to help a lot of other people.


I'm currently playing around with various packs, but found a strange issue, which I can't find info about on Technet.

Several of the packs include a few files med spaces:
DP_Graphics_B_wnt5_x86-32_804\D\G\V2\VIA Graphics Driver Installation Guide_20061123.html
DP_Misc_wnt5_x86-32_71216\D\3\X\S\8532 camera.inf

And then some of the Devicelists/Supportlists as well.

If spaces ain't allowed, then we might run a post-packing script, that checks for files and folders with spaces.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm mainly talking about when integrating drivers in DRIVER.CAB.