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And Closed Source drivers, like nVidia oder ATI and so on, are distro independent (i.e. shell packages) with needings for compiling kernel modules and also needings for interaction with the user.

The final result is: DriverPacks for Linux isn't really possible, because there are many different linux distros and the basic architecture of the kernel also makes it not easy.


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Please, could anyone fix this?


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I get a download error: After 46,1 MB the download ends and is corrupt ...

Thanks a lot. I will try No. 1 and 2 ... big_smile

I wait for a solution since the day I started this thread ...


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I will never understand the hype about Seven ... I tried it and there was no "never go back" experience ... My Server 2008 Enterprise is running smoothly as a workstation, and it is able to use Physical Adress Extension under 32 Bit. Seven 32-Bit cuts at 4 GB ...

It would be more nice to get a helpful answer for my problem ... wink

dpinst.exe can not help me, because it only install drivers for detected hardware. But I want to expand the driver rep for future hardware installations. Any idea? It would be very nice how to integrate the Vista DriverPacks post-install into the default driver rep ...


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Link is dead ... the package seems not to be on the server ...

Ok, i will try it and report back ...

HM, I think I'm not clear enough. I want to make in my Server 2008 the same like "KTD" ...

No answer ?


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Dude, I used it a few minutes before and it was very successful. But you have to extract the 7-Zip archives before ...


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Go to http://legolash2o.net and download "Windows 7 Toolkit". It is the new version of the VUT and has an usable Driver Integrator ...

I will be very happy to know, how I can integrate all the DriverPacks on an already installed system. Please don't ask why, I've got my reasons ... big_smile

Thanks a lot ...


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I've got a general question: What about the driver signature problem? On an installed Vista / Server 2008 system you got a prompt everytime there is a unsigned driver for installing. And deactivating 4ever is not really possible. So is this problem also with a such modified DVD?


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Thanks a lot, dude ...


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Tried all these things and nothing of them helps me ...


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Tried it with Opera, FF and IE (clear Caches and so on): 503 error ...


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I've got the same problem, but only with the Graphics C package ... There is everytime the 503 error ... since yesterday afternoon ..


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Not since now. Why?


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Yes, only the MassStorage Drivers are supported atm in UBCD4Win ...


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Thanks a lot muiz. I searched so long for Vista-DriverPacks ... and perhaps we will have that here ... wink

I will give it a try next week and report my experiences to the community ...

You can install the recovery console to HD with the command "...\I386\winnt32.exe" /CMDCONS /UNATTENDED.
@OverFlow: I don't understand your answers. I don't want to use the recovery console from CD and I have no problems with boot.ini or the boot records. My problem is that the recovery console on the HD has the "F6 problem". And so I want to know how I can "modify" the installed recovery console for MassStorge support like in textmode.