Driver Packs team is always saying that if you extract all drivers in the DVD or If you use Method1. It will become space pincher.
If I planned to make XP Disc, definately I choose DVD. So there is no worry of space>>
XP and Softs(1GB)+Driverpacks(3GB)

Either I use method1 or method2. All the drivers will be copied to C:
M2:I think DP deletes it after setup. but it was there in my c, I am unable to delete Audio drivers it says access denied...(I think my system is using it).
As per Method1 will also copy the content to C.

I have slipstreamed office07 and essential softs using RunOnceEx.cmd. I am thinking to burn S.A.D. in Bootable XP DVD and call DP_Install_Tool.cmd through RunOnceEx.cmd.
So there is no extraction in my C:, No wait for unzipping DPacks.

Also I can Use same DVD as S.A.D by making EXE to ask>what to install?
XP, DrivrPacks, Office or ..?

Is it right way? Plz guide me...

Sorry mr_smartepants, Actually I was confused in Burn the ISO page and Start the Process page..
Finally I succeed in making fully automated XP Cd with driverpacks, Office 2007 and all essential softwares.
It saved my lot of time..Thanks DP!!

I didn't get..
You said first Run nLite. leave it at create ISO page, then Run DriverPacks.
However its meaningless because nLite doesnt acts on Source XP DIR.

If I integrate Drivers into source XP DIR by DriverPacks and then Run nLite to create unattended disc. Will It work??

my Source XP dir is already made unattended and integrated with some drivers with nLite but >NOT updated drivers<.
Can I reuse it??
also I want to recustomise it using nLite.