Hi Cheeko,
If you've done a method 2 driver pack integration on your source, you should have a $OEM$ and within that folder you should have a pair of folders called $1 and $$. The contents of $$ should be two folders called INF and System32.

Let me know if this helps.

Edit to report I got this working and credit for this technique goes to somebody over at MSFN. I cant remember where I read the original post, but kudos to you if you read this smile

for anybody wanting to install these driverpacks from a network share, do the following:

1) Run a method 2 as you normally would on your operating system source. The folder I perform this slipstream in is called "TEST". which will be referred to as such below. create a NEW $OEM$ folder (also referred to below) with the necessary folder structures and perform the following:

2) Copy the driver packs from the TEST\OEM folder to the new $OEM$\$1

3) Copy the contents of TEST\OEM\BIN to the new $OEM$\$1\D

4) Copy the contents of TEST\$OEM$\$$ to the new $OEM$\$$

5) Copy the contents of TEST\$OEM$\$1\D to the new $OEM$\$1\D (there should now be two executables and two cleanup.cmd files located there)

6) If you selected "runonceex" as your method of install, copy: test\$OEM$\BTS_DPs_ROE.CMD & cmdlines.txt to the root of your new $OEM$ folder. (alongside $1, $$ folders)

7) Copy the I386 folder from the TEST folder to the network location where you store your i386 folders.

This is the important part. Open this i386 folder on this network share and locate the presetup.cmd file. Change the contents to:

7za.exe x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DriverPack*.7z -o"%SYSTEMDRIVE%"
START %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D\WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe

Once you have this done, launch the network installation as you normally would from within BartPE or Windows PE.

Can anybody assist me in getting these driverpacks to install from a $OEM$ folder which is located on a network share, rather than on a CD?

There used to be a forum post somewhere that I followed to get this working, but the bookmark was destroyed in a hard drive crash and I am not able to replicate the results without this guide. I know that presetup.cmd needed to be modified, but when I copy over my known working presetup.cmd and txtsetup.sif to a new project I get all kinds of missing driver errors during startup.

If anybody could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.