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I have a brand new hp pavilion dv5 laptop.i use windows vista.couple days ago i was listening to music using windows media player,when the sound suddenly went off and i couldnt hear anything.then suddenly,withen 5 minutes,the sound came back on.
then yesterday i was again listening to music on the same program,when the sound came off.when i checked,it said the song was still playing on windows media. i made no change to my settings or any such thing that i think would cause the sound to just come off like that.obviously,all my sound settings are set to maximum.nothing is on mute.when i checked my sound settings,it said everything is working properly.HOWEVER,when i go to control panel > sound and click on test for the digital output device (HDMI) i hear nothing.yet it says the device is working. when i plug in my headphone and click test on speakers and dual headphones i hear the sound.but i hear no other sound from my computer.
please help.
thank you so much