Thank you! Will try it out and post back!

OverFlow wrote:

We have had a hundred requests for this feature...

You are the FIRST one to notice it is now included...

and it looks like you tested it, and it worked for you, and you reported.

AWESOME! Thanks for posting! 

PS it is cool... cool

Actually, I didn't test it, I was just 'saying' that it's a nice feature to have.

The reason I am posting is to ask 'how' I can actually acomplish this...

I 'somewhat' managed to get this working by editing presetup.cmd to extract the packs, then invoking the fininisher to create the PNF's. From there, I would uninstall all unknown devices in my system and reboot. Then, devices would be found by the hardware installation wizard.

But this doesn't necessarily update all drivers for all hardware, just the ones that were unknown. I still have to manually invoke 'update driver' on already known hardware and then an updated driver would be chosen.

I am assuming there is another way?

Use the /makelocalsource:all switch when using a winnt32 install. This will copy the CMPNENTS folder down for MCE/TPC

X3ro wrote:

Current DP_BASE CAN'T SLIPSTREAM 64bit DriverPacks

So then what exactly do we do with these? How do we use them?

I just wanted to say that the following:

- Inspired by the work of one of our members, Wsnow.   
DPinst is a redistributable MS file that recursively searches folders for drivers
Then DPI will update the local machines device drivers. Think of it as a mini setup for post installing drivers.
With this tool it is possible to update a machine with the driverpacks post install...
Including the finisher and KTD... very cool stuff.

is awesome. The ability to update all drivers on a given system with 1 click is totally cool.

I stumbled upon this thread using the search function but I thought I would ask:

Where are the settings in this ini documented? i.e. How do we know what we are able to change and what the existing entries mean?

Harry33 wrote:

I have solved the problem.
I wrote a script which extract the info about the used controler from the registry of WinPE and then it creats a BAT-file which copies the needed installation files to the folders on harddisk after the copy the windows-installation-files to it.

Where in the registry can I look to find this? Do you mind posting your script?

I will be testing out this plugin sometime this week and will post results. In particular, I will be testing MassStorage support for the Intel drivers (Ich5 through Ich8R including AHCI) and the NVRAID (from the Nforce4 series and the new v2 from the 650/680i series).

I am a big user of WinPE and would love text-mode support in that, but if this works successfully, I 'may' make the switch...(its just that I have an OPK which works quite nicely and uses WinPE AND now with Vista, it uses WinPE 2.0...)

Will post back soon...