Thanks for the guidance.

I have tested the latest Mass Storage pack (11.09) and it did not recognize my USB3.  Or were you referring to Chipset driverpack?

I have not updated my BIOS but i am curious why you think it is the BIOS.  I am able to see the external HD when i tell the notebook to boot from Alternate Boot Devices.  I will check into the BIOS to see if there is an update.

I just spent the last few hours reading various posts.. still trying to understand how all this fits.  In a nutshell, i am trying to get USB3 to work on a notebook.  This post comes close to what i am looking for but i'm a little lost on the last post by OverFlow.  How do i manually add the usb driver to the PE disc?  Is there a guide you can point me to?

From reading other posts, i was wondering if the following would work.  BTW, i am using BartPE.

1) Use Base Driverpack to slipstream the Chipset package into the XP Image (i.e. Installation platform = Disc, Method=2)
2) Then use Base Driverpack again and use BartPE as my Installation platform and integrate Mass Storage text mode.

Is this ok or is this a no no?

If i'm not making sense, let me know, i'll go do more reading.