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Updated to 904


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Updated to 904


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No problem, and thanks again.


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midiboy, thanks as always for your feedback and link to drivers as well. Will add them in next release.

mickk, if you read the title properly, it says "Vista Driverpacks" NOT xp.
You cant use this pack with xp, only vista.

Fragbert wrote:

If you are making a image w/ a wim larger than 4GB you will get a corrupt ISO because of the utility VISTA TOOLS uses to build an ISO.

Thank you fragbert. I did mention this above before, vista-tools and vlite does not support wim files larger than 4gb, and reports corrupt wim.
You can also use legoslash's VUT/Win 7 toolkit, that does the job of creating iso's with install.wim larger than 4gb. (its slighly less time consuming imo)

Good luck, and hopefully things will work out for you this time.

Just a quick question, after integrating drivers with vista-tools, did your wim file ended up larger than 4gb?
because vlite does not support install.wim file larger than 4gb.

Sorry to hear mr_smartepants, that your having trouble with vista-tools, but yes, taking screenshots, and posting here, will help me and muiz to guide you the right way. And yes i agree, its not a very user friendly tool, but does the job perfect when using is correctly.
The instructions that is found inside vista-tools archieve is quite straight forward, but can get confusing at times...lol

So yeh, as overflow mentioned, end of the day we are a team, so lets work together!

Thank you


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Download link is working fine now. And your most welcome.


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Updated to 902


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Updated to 902.1


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Updated to 902


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Re-uploading now. Thanks midiboy for informing.

Fixed now.


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wrx wrote:

yep i think so     C:\Program Files\Windows AIK  (this is on 64bit)

ok it goes real fast to when you click start .. if thats any help

Its simple. If you want to slipstream x64 drivers , you will have to add the path to your x64 driver folder in the "DRIVERS.XML" located in "vista-tools/bin" directory
eg. The default "DRIVERS.XML" is


Open "DRIVERS.XML" with notepad and edit the "path" line
to werever your x64 drivers are located, example of my one


Its pretty simple see.

x86 doesnt need this "trick"



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Do you have WAIK installed in its defualt directory?


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Sorry, been so busy lately, had absolutely no time to update. Going to update most of the packs this week.


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Didier3001 wrote:

Hello everybody,

Which drivers can I add with Vista-tools? Only driver from your packs or Can I add all drivers I want? (For Vista64)

Thanks in advance,

You can also add your own drivers as well. Just use vista-tools, and point vista-tools to your drivers folder.

REMEMBER, vista-tools does not support folder names with spaces.

C:\My Drivers = Wont Work
C:\MyDrivers = Will work


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Make sure to uncompress all driverpacks as well to one folder.


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wrx wrote:

What am i doing wrong ??? Im using Vista x64 Vista-Tool is located on the desktop)

Thats were you've gone wrong..lol. Make sure Vista-tools is located on your system drive root, eg "C:\vista-tools". And also make sure to have WAIK installed as well, or else it wont work.
From the above error, i can see that you have not installed WAIK. Install WAIK, and then try again.

WAIK Download Link:
Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008:
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta … laylang=en

I have not tested Windows 7 Toolkit to integrate driver to vista yet... My advice is to use vista-tools to integrate your vista drivers, and yes the drivers MUST be uncompressed.
Vista-tools has a txt file with instructions on how to use. If you use vlite then you will get lots of pop-up messages, as vlite uses some other method to integrate drivers.

We DO NOT support vlite. Use vista-tools to integrate drivers to avoid these pop-ups.

You cant use xp driverpacks as well with vista. Use vista drivers ONLY.

Hope this info helps


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Vista-tools uses the official Micrsosoft's WAIK to integrate drivers, and vlite uses some other method when integrating drivers. Thats why you dont get driver signature problem with vista-tools.


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If you use Vista-tools to integrate drivers, you will not get any driver signature problem. The driver signature problem is not with a modified DVD. But if you used vlite to integrate drivers, then you will get driver signature problem.
Hope this helps..


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Thank you for your feedback. Will add conexant drivers to this months audio pack release. (This months packs will be uploaded 15th -16th jan)


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Its very simple. All the information your asking/looking for can be found here.

Driver Inject Commands