method 1 is really good, it will be nice to free that method or stop it's limit
method 2 has to uncompre all drivers first, which also takes time like installing windows without DriverPacks,
and search online for drivres after installation.
If it's about space for the CD, i think DVD is another option. which means we can burn it on DVDs.
After integarting all hotfix, addon for the OS few space left, so DVD is the option.
BUT if is not about the space then Please, Please, Please try harder to make this software more entertaining.
It's already good idea of making such program and NOW is time to TAKE it to Next Level.
DriverPacks.NET & DriverPacks BASE are toooo good, but am not happy about the limiting, so why not make
it limitless??,,
meanwhile vista and win7 users are waiting for (DriverPacks BASE)
NOW my question, can i add my own updated drivers to yours befor integarting without damaging yours?
if yes please give a good step by step just like the steps you gave here.
MANY MANY MANY Thanks for this site & it's porgram.

Am Afraid i lost them, thanks for trying to help.

OverFlow wrote:

post your DPsFnshr.log and your DPs_BASE.log

Welcome to

Please Help
I used latest version of DriverPacks Base  >DPs_BASE_1006
Location + installation platform >Disc
the DriverPacks method i sued >method 2, method 1 has a limit so my only option is method 2
my selected finisher method was >GUIRunOnce
my selected KTD was >disable KTD
QuickStream Cache >enable as recommended
other >enable both ATI and NVIDIA

everything worked well at the above

NOW the installation of my xp
everything worked but finisher cleaning ERROR.
error messages >another version of DriverPacks has already installed.

i used NLITE to Integrate the updates befor using DPs_BASE_1006
ANY HELP? is A GOD, looking forward for DPs_BASE for vista and win7