Hi folks; this is my first post on this forum; many thanks for allowing me to subscribe.

I installed a Kingston 128 gb SSD on my old Gateway Pro 933M running XP SP3 and 512mb RAM (the most it can take) in an attempt to improve performance. As the Gateway has no SATA connections (only IDE) I installed an I/O Flex PSA150 PCI SATA controller. The installation went fine; all the drivers worked and XP can see it and the SSD drive. I was able to clone the IDE drive to the SSD succesfully; but, when I disconnect the IDE drive and try to boot with the new SSD, I get a "no hard drive found; do you want to continue booting without a hard driver?" message.

When POSTing, I can see the Kingston drive and am able to enter the RAID setting on the new SATA controller. But, I do not see a way to make the new SSD a primary boot drive. The SATA controller is not an option to select in the system BIOS and the SATA controller also displays no option to make it bootable.