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Hey, muiz een grote f*ck you voor de vista-tool v1.0 godverdomme 2 dagen wachten to hij een ISO bestand maakt f*ck you.


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Please, just give me a tutorial with pictures and i wanna do it with WAIK, alright a very understandable tutorial for ONE TIME!


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I don't wanna learn that all i just wanna add all the drivers that's it so i can go on with my life.


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Drivers Drivers Drivers Please!


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Holy silly sh*t!! the ISO takes like 2 days what the h*ll?!?!?!? just making an i ISO i don't understand it anymore it's so wierd explain it to me


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Ok do it was in 2 hours done, now the folder is 11.4 GB is that suppose to be...
The mount folder.


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I had windows 7 and it's just worser then vista the worst, but yeah, are we gonna have a party? because you said 3rd party i don't even understand, it but yeah, i followed the full Muiz's walkthrough guide, exactly and now it only says please wait, i didn't understand the part with the prime95, what does he mean by that make a prime95, but yeah i hope his works now really i need drivers.


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HELLO!! where is vista-tool 1.0???! mirror?


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Alright fine but if i have to wait another 1 day, i dunno but it is f***ed up that none of these software works i'll try it again...
What version? 1.0


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GDism_ELDI_v6.2 i get an error:
Running now: @ByELDI

Error: 87

The /MountDir: option is missing a required argument.
For more information, refer to the help for the /MountDir: option.

The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log

Error at the last process: @ByELDI

All process on waiting list erased: @ByELDI

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -


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Thanks for this, this is good too but, mostly what i wanted is adding drivers like the guy with the extreme edition, Or eternity
from rockers team, there must be a good tutorial why not a tutorial that is once very specific.


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This isn't with doing /C something drivers because i don't wanna learn it.


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I still don't get it how did they add drivers to it what am i suppose to do with the link you just gave me the second one + i dunno how to code, i just wanna add all the drivers to make my pc work that's it.


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Vista-Tool, i used it i waited 1 day it didn't put any drivers at all, all those programs probably don't work and i need to fix my PC with drivers.


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Forget it i DONT understand this why doesn't vlite work? why doesnt this GDism v6.2 work? WHY THE f*ck? silly 4 years searching for how to intergrate drivers in VISTA it's like impossible what is it now? what the f*ck is it why doesn't anything WORK WHY WHY WHY?


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Also i bought a licences but there are no driverpacks IF You don't develop a driver base for it why don't you?!?!?!?!? why isn't this on the front in this forum do you know how important this is win xp is not compatible with anything anymore ok.


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That was so harsh that you actually made me cry.


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windows vista extreme edition r2 Some guy released this version of windows and i wanna know how he made it im using the OS right now because i cannot find one that has x64 and x86 with all both drivers windows vista ultimate just an original one please i need this i can't have a normal PC and windows vista is better then windows 7, that's it it's that guy Amit Aghara made windows vista extreme edition r2 also i tryed Vlite RT7Lite for win 7 Those things don't even work they don't even work it just crashes also Vista-Tool doesnt work it just doesn't work how in godsname, just a question is this a secret?!? to not know how to put drivers like the guy that made windows vista extreme edition r2 TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!! i need this alot...