Dear friends,

First of all: many thanks for your great work.
Wim Leers, Overflow, c.s. This site is marvelous.

Jeff, your video's are very very helpful!
You used Nlite + DriverPacks DPs_Base.exe + NLite again. That is interesting, because another FAQ subject warns us to use NLITe after DriverPacks Base

I'm not sure if this is the right place for a question, but I would like to know more about DPs_Base.exe in combination with NLite.

Obviously, we can't use NLite to add drivers after using DPs_Base.exe.
Apparently, NLite can be used to make iso after using DPs_Base.exe.

I would like to know: which are the correct settings for NLite, to make the iso after using DPs_Base.exe, without spoiling the previous work?
The suggestion 'keep NLite open' seems not feasible; in the version, if the user has selected and accomplished a range of tasks, the 'Finish' button closes the application.

Thanks for your time and effort,
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