Hi, thanks for answer. But i have this problem like already i said. A bit before that the "process" of installation end i have a message of error that show me this:  this file DSPdsblr.exe can not be deleted. More or less this is the sense of message. And so i aks you if is there an alternative way for delete this particular file.  I have only this problem, only this.

Thank you thank you wink


Only question: how can i delete with a batch file the file in C, DSPdsblr.exe ?

With this: cmd /c rd /s /q %systemdrive%\Folder   i can delete only a folder, but not a single file. The file remain in C

I must understand how delete this file automatically and then i've finish. Thanks

Sorry for English, i'm italian wink


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ehi, one thing.. in the final release i'll must use the same a batch file for delete that 2 files?

Thanks for answer;)


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ah ok wink



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Hi, i have try last pack that overflow send me by mail and.. wow! It works amazing, without  problems, nothing problems wink

I'm so so happy, for me and for my "time",  thanks thanks thanks. I've test my own cd mod on p5q deluxe and p5q pro..


Only thing:

In C:\ remain these files: DPsFnshr.exe, DriverPack_MassStorage....txt, and DSPdsblr.exe.

Now, i ask if this is normal, infact to the end "of all" i have a little instantaneous message of error that vanish from only, all remain completely unattended. So it's possible resolve also this little problem?  Sorry for english, i'm italian..

Thanks again wink

Edit: This file  DPsFnshr.exe is delete to next restart..  For second and third files? What can i do?

If i use something about this:

cmd /c rd /s /q %systemdrive%\DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.txt
cmd /c rd /s /q %systemdrive%\DSPdsblr.exe

in a bat etcetc ?
Can it works?

*I think that message of error about "the can't delete a file" to the end istallation is about the DSPdsblr.exe

Edit2: i think that my cmd /c rd /s /q  etc.etc.  is a "process" previous respect the error appear.. Can it be a problem?


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Thanks so much.;)


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When the new pack for mass storage? sad  I need it..



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I hope that this pack is near... sad


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Thanks for your patient and for your answer smartepants;)

I wait for new pack, i need of this wink



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oh ok sorry, i'm using the last mass storage for xp, 9.01 from download page.  Is it correct?


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ok, i understand, wink  Thus really in the pack that i have use now there isn't the ahci drivers for my controller, in this moment.. It's right?

Thanks, i'll remake the iso;)


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Ok sorry. Anyway,  i'll post hwids, but for DPs_base there is a problem due i used nlite. It's wrong? I do remake my unattended copy with DPs_base?


Edit:  http://www.mediafire.com/?fng1yh35mom


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no one?


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Hi to all, First thanks for all works and sorry for english...

Simply, i integrated in my XP unattended 4 packs: mass storage, chipset,(lan and wlan). It works, but only in sata like ide. If i set in ahci "obviously" it appears the blue screen..

Ok, but these driver for ahci for my mobo aren' t there in mass storage packet? 

I should make a iso compatible with other PCs, and i have hope that these drivers were in these packet.

Thanks, is there a solution?